By Kilian

Dark Lord

Eau de Parfum

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A wild mix of raw saddle leather and jasmine. I fell hard in love with this fragrance and then within a few months, I couldn't stand it. It's a love it or hate it and I've experienced both. I admire Kilian for swinging for the fences on this one. Definitely recommend trying it out, buying a sample and seeing how you feel as opposed to blind buy.
By   - Entertainment Consultant from Playa Del Rey on 3/26/2021
The compelling name and exquisite packaging called to me. It told of a sinful, powerful, and elegant master--when he walks in the room, men obey and women lay eggs. Too bad it smells exactly like Bandaids.
By   - Instructor from Akron on 5/19/2020
First of all Kilan holds the torch in regard to the scent remaining distinct and powerful. If you like the soft easy scents, this is not for you. I have remained extremly impressed when it comes to the scent of Kilan parfumes as a whole. I believe that this parfume smells of leather/saucy spice and for many that may work but to my understanding, Kilan has done a better job making their scent more rare than the average parfume. I love Creed cologne and this one is right there with them in competition. All being said and done, it's great not amazing..
By   - Chief Role from Mpls on 4/17/2019
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