By Kilian

Apple Brandy on the Rocks

Eau de Parfum

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This fragrance has garnered me so many compliments that I wish I could discard all the other 60-70 fragrances that I own . It is just that good .
By   - RN from Little Rock on 9/8/2021
It opens with sharp apple, citrus, & brown aromatics somewhere between a Calvados & Brandy de Jerez. There is baked pineapple, brown sugar, soft maple caramel, creamy vanilla, along with subtle clove, dried rose, and smoke that all remain quite airy & silky (that thick coolness is probably the ambroxan). The fresh chopped wood aspect reminds me strongly of Limousin oak barrels. I would love to compare this with the original formulation of Apple Brandy!
By   - former sommelier from Des Moines on 9/6/2021
I adore this one. The description is spot on. Warm, boozy and comforting. I barely smell apple, just at the opening. Exactly what I would imagine sticking my head in an aged brandy barrel would smell like. The soft vanilla finish makes it truly unisex.
By   - bartender from Virginia on 6/17/2016
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