By Kilian

Vodka on the Rocks

Eau de Parfum

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It is more floral than I imagined. It starts out very masculine and kind of boozy. It smells different on my bf than it does on me. On him it smell cleaner like a man's shampoo, whereas on me, I smelled the lily of the valley more strongly. The flowers are definitely the secondary smell.
By   - Set Medic from Los Lunas on 10/15/2019
I'm truly mixed. Opening is like receiving a tall glass of vodka and tonic on ice - the cool and crisp bubbly bit with some garnish on the rim of the glass. After the dry down it reminds me a bit of 4160 Tuesday's Beta perfume - a bit of something or a bit of nothing depending on how your nose catches the scent. Good longevity that shifts into a marine/aqueous accord, but I can think of at least three other aqueous perfumes with similar notes I'd prefer to wear instead and for half the price. Great for an office scent for both men and women who want something that won't offend, or only be noticed in the close confines of an elevator, then this is a great choice because it can be barely detectable at times.
By   - Admin from Williamsburg on 12/31/2018
Fresh with smooth, relaxing beach vibe.
By   - Investment consultant from Bangkok on 1/24/2018
I really liked this fragrance. The opening crisp notes evolve into a light floral with moss and sandalwood undertones which save it from being too sweet. Finally the scent fades to a warm velvety aroma. My only complaint is that it doesn't last long enough on my skin.
By   - Fashion from NYC on 6/7/2016
By Kilan developed into my favorite fragrance collection. I own three bottles: Bamboo Ink, The End, and Don't be Shy. Vodka on the Rocks will not be joining the group--I'm disappointed in the thin, linear development that reminds me of a commercial men's cologne. Aquatic notes reminiscent of "Fahrenheit", an unrecognizable citrus and not much else. I was expecting bracing. However, it is tenacious.
By   - Writer from Phoenix on 11/28/2014
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