Straight to Heaven

Eau de Parfum - L’Oeuvre Noire Collection

by By Kilian

Straight to Heaven Sizes Available:
50ml $295
4 x .25oz Travel Spray $195
50ml Refill $195
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Straight to Heaven...
This one was a "sex panther" experience for me. (Paul Rudd, Anchor Man.) I almost liked the sharp sting of green forest wrapped around a core of animal musk. Too strong, but different. Not afraid to be bold -- this is why we buy samples! But it hit my wife immediately like a repellent. An instantaneous scowl, and nose wrinkling. I washed it off, and we moved on with a lovely evening.
By   - Attorney from Washington, DC on 4/6/2018
FINALLY FOUND IT!!! My signature scent! This is an amazing combination of dry woods (cedar, sandalwood, redwood) mixed with a smokyincense patchouli, rounded out by subtle sweet spices.......don''t let that trick you into thinking this is a "Sweet" fragrance, it''s not, it''s very dry and addictive. Not a silage monster but you will notice it on your skin throughout the day. It''s longevity is great too! I''m getting 6-8 hours easily with this and I live in a very hot and humid climate. If you like CDG Wonderwood, Le Labo Santal 33, then you gotta try this! It''s really great!
By   - Education from Fort Lauderdale on 10/3/2017
This is my current favorite. It''s literally heavenly, and the sexiest scent in a bottle. I only wear it for those special occasions. Splurged over Christmas and will never be sorry...
By   - Paralegal from Oakland on 8/29/2017
I really like it, and this is the only scent that''s ever garnered me a compliment from a complete stranger in public! A lady picking her kid up at school just had to know what I had on!
By   - Recreation  from Cincinnati on 11/17/2016
I received so many compliments when I wore this. When I shared the name, everyone agreed the name fit.
By   - Fashion Designer from Dallas on 2/15/2016
i''m enjoying this fragrance - on me it is warm and earthy. the patchouli and cedar pop on my skin and are prominent all day long, 8+ hrs. nutmeg and rum balance the fragrance nicely. and while i tend to steer clear of vanilla and musk in any fragrance, i''m finding both of those notes to play nicely with my chemistry, combined with the other notes. that said, i''m wearing this in ''cooler'' (by l.a. standards) weather. in the warmer months, the vanilla might become cloying. we''ll see!
By   - program coordinator from los angeles on 1/27/2016
I''m working through my first sample pack, and it''s very interesting. I usually like lighter scents, fresh aromatics, marine, green and lightly fruity and floral, but I am intentionally wading into new areas with my samples to try and find some true gems. I''ve only had them a few days, but I am thinking that this one may be a real knock-out. It smells intoxicating, really rich. All of the notes are done in moderation, so nothing wallops you over the head. I need to explore more Kilian, and prepare to be in the poor house.
By   - from Texas on 6/28/2014
I''m trying to look innocent but my momma knows what I''ve been doing. Do you remember that time?
By  on 12/25/2013
You shot me! On the hospital operating table, they can''t contain me because the Light''s choir is singing my name. [this stuff is a poetry muse]. This is not a fragrance, it''s an experience.
By   - Federal civilian from Chicago on 12/25/2013
Gotta wonder if some people are kinda anosmic to this one. I can''t imagine anybody saying that this scent has no longevity.For me,one spray lasts all day on my skin and several days on my clothes. I''d probably buy it if it were double the price.Hypnotic mood altering fragrances like this are why I''m such a scent junkie!
By   - from Evansville on 4/2/2013
By   - from Evansville on 4/2/2013
smells like wet dirt and maybe some earthworms. like after a heavy rain in the afternoon and when it stops and its all sunny again u go back outside and smell all the wet dirt. theres no green herbs or vegetation, just wet dirt and earthworms. and patchouli. i only vaguely smell anything remotely like dried fruits and thats probably just my imagination cos its what i read in the note list. still, its pretty well done. ppl who love patchouli would like this. for me tho noooo way man
By   - nakee pizza boy from chicago on 6/16/2012
From the opening you get a blast of rum with is very invigorating. This leaves you wanting more, with a little bit of spice to follow. This boozy note lingers through the whole fragrance. In the heart you get a vanilla spice and slight rum note in the back. Dries down to a nice light musk and rum. I got 8 hours for longevity, and I have dry skin. Projection good for the first 3 hours, after that it wears close to the skin. A definite try at least in my book.
By   - from Bremerton, WA on 3/13/2012
Straight to Heaven? Ha! This should be called Straight to Hell because it''s sinful! Top notes of rum and marshmallow, middle note of some spice--maybe the nutmeg?-- and then it''s patchouli, and vanilla with a whiff of that delicious rum wafting through every now and again. My only complaint is that the staying power isn''t fabulous and because of that I can''t see dropping big $$$ for a full bottle. I think it''ll just be samples for me. Still, though, it''s worth it! I can''t wait to wear this to work and see if anyone tries to eat me )
By   - from North Shore, New Zealand on 10/17/2011
I generally like delicate florals, so this is not something I thought would be "me". I initially thought Straight to Heaven "interesting" but not something I''d wear. However, for whatever reason, this is one of, if not THE, most compliment-drawing perfume I own, so something in it definitely agrees with me. Elegant on either sex, this starts boozy and gives way to a wonderful herbal melange. The patchouli is not overwhelming it''s a very unique and balanced compositionl--one I have no similar perfume make comparisions with.
By   - from Nashville on 8/4/2011
I was psyched to try this but like a previous commenter it was gone in a second. I gave it 5 solid sprays and *nothing.* Too bad.
By   - engineer from brooklyn on 7/27/2011
The only thing stopping me buying this is the slightly exaggerated price tag.I like this almost as much as CdG Hinoki which is my holy grail. Very mysterious and woody that tells a story of playfulness in time and place no longer in existent.
By   - from Stockholm on 6/19/2011
This was a heavy oily scent that smelled like herbal cedar, It didnt smell like rum to me. It is totally masculine to me and has a medicinal feel, I am not a fan. Contrary to what LS decribes, this WAS nose searing to me.
By   - admin from melbourne on 2/20/2010
SEXY and Beautiful
By   - Teacher from toronto on 2/12/2010
When I first tried this on my skin, I didn''t get it but I''ve tried the scent again, and it''s really growing on me. I love the interplay between the woodsy and warm scents. I don''t know if it''s fbw (at this price), but will wear it around work to see if I get any responses.
By   - Legal Assistant from Washington, DC on 9/6/2009
This is a really beautiful cedaryrosewoody scent. I do get a little patchouli, but I''m not usually a patchouli person and I really love this so.. make of that what you will. On a sample card it smelled like some kind of exotic liqueur. On my boyfriend the booze note fades fairly quickly to a more sweet woody thing but it is equally lovely. Smells complex and expensive as others have said.One thing to take note of on the price: as you see, refills are basically half the price of the first purchase. The packaging that you''re obviously paying a pretty penny for is no joke. The box is easily one of the most gorgeous things I have in my house and the presentation as a gift was superb. Maybe I''m a sucker for packaging, but there it is.
By   - from San Francisco on 5/3/2009
This one is in the same vein as Cruel Intentions. I think this is a much better choice: still quite sweet, but poses more of an interplay between the notes. Overall a richer, more filled out scent, but not original by any means. I have to say that Caravelle Epicee, being of the same perfume genre, is infinitely more seductive and capricious. For a woman or man.
By   - designer from chicago on 3/5/2009
Deze parfum is heerlijk. Een droom. Zelfs mijn wasgoed ruikt er lekker naar
By   - from Harderwijk on 2/18/2009
By   - =)) on 1/18/2009
Ahhhhh! Mmmmmmm! I tried a bunch of samples in the OrientalPatchouliIncense genre and this is my favorite. It is warm spicy woodsy and complex-not some simple amber and vanilla scent. I don''t quite get the unisex label-seems more feminine than masculine to me. If you like warm lush Orientals you will probably like this.
By   - from Fargo on 11/18/2008
By  on 11/18/2008
It''s one of the nicest fragrances i''ve ever''s sweet patchouli on my skin (thank god)..plenty of positive comments...if 175 euros is not too much for you, you should get a Bottle of STH...the refill of 85 euros is worth it! Caravelle de Epicee or Idole de Lubin don''t come near the fragrance STH...
By   - Accountant from rOTTERDAM on 11/11/2008
Incredibly well blended scent .A musky blend with rum and patchouly .No loud scent but very wearable and yet very differend from other mainstream scents. Well done!
By  on 9/5/2008
Horrible single note patchouli on my skin. Just disgusting. I''m jealous of the people who can wear this one because I like the pyramid. I think over-priced is an understatement for this one though.
By   - Self Employed from Santa Ana on 9/2/2008
this is just awesome!
By  on 8/22/2008
I love it. Woody , very man like smell.Got it for my boyfriend, he adores it.
By   - from Toronto on 7/31/2008
I think this might be nice, I say "might" because it didn''t even last one minute on me. Went straight from wet to gone! I''ll admit to being a scent killer, but have never had an EDP disappear like this.
By   - from Halifax on 7/11/2008
This is a wonderful, full, warm scent with great staying power. It may be better in winter but I find it great year around.
By  on 7/6/2008
it left me BREATHLESSi thought there was NO incense scent i have not tried and loved.drop dead gorgeous.
By   - talent from st pete on 6/12/2008
The opening: Rum and wood - I''m up to no good! There''s a strange sort of dissonance among the notes (in a good way) that evokes mystery and mischief. For the most part warm spices and woods are the focus here with the rum wafting in and out. Definitely unisex but IMO it falls a little more on the masculine side and that''s okay. If you want to throw sombody off balance, wear this.
By   - Fortunteller from Washington, DC on 5/14/2008
Magnificent patchouli scent! This fragrance, however, is not for the faint of heart. Also, it can smell rather harsh at first whiff and fights with any other scent in your vacinity: soap, coffee, you name it. When I first tried it I thought "what a mess!" But - patience is rewarded during the dry down and the fragrance mellows to a deep, dark carribean (pirate?) patchouli. I''ve gotten many, many compliments on this scent. I''ve never considered a signature scent, but this might be it.Two Notes - If you have drier skin you may need to fix the scent with a dab of high quality neutral, patchouli or amber oil. I''ve used Trompeur and Onyx. Also, a good chunk of the price is in the packaging, but at the refill price, this fragrance is a bargain - so I considered the packaging to be the cost of entree.
By   - from Cross Plains on 4/26/2008
By   - PASTRY CHEF from BALTIMORE on 4/24/2008
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