By Kilian

Smoke for the Soul

Eau de Parfum

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Actually Its different than the killian line . and hard to explain the scent . looks like herbs in my mother kitchen like Anise
By   - Researcher from Makkah on 7/26/2019
I was a bit shocked to recive such a weak scent when it comes to Kilan. I am used to an embarking journey of power and fresh scents with this creator yet I didn't recieve that with this. I immediately gathered the hint of marijuana at the beginning but by the end a few notes of fruit came up. Come on Kilan you can do better.
By   - President from Mpls on 5/1/2019
This scent is amazing. A little smokey, a little citric, a little different. You'll stand out from the crowd.
By   - web admin from Brooklyn on 5/16/2016
Vetiver is nowhere mentioned in the above official pyramid of SFTS, nor in LS's description, but trust me, this is, *au fond*, a vetiver fragrance. All the aromatic and herbal notes sit on a glorious accord of patchouly/vetiver, and it's that tweedy/rooty vetiver tang that remains on your skin in far drydown. In fact, SMTS bears more than a passing resemblance to Hermes VETIVER-TONKA. I am not wild about every Kilian, but this one has me smitten.
By   - digital artist from Boerne on 9/8/2015
By  on 1/23/2015
I get a very vague marijuana opening immediately upon spraying. Piney (slightly medicinal but in a pleasant soothing manner) which was met head on by a Splash of grapefruit. The cardamom, matte and thyme balance the coarseness of the opening turning it into a soft beautiful cashmere like dry down, but instead of turning too delicate and losing its flair, the tobacco and birch discretely stand guard at the exit completing this grade AAA experience. This is luxury at its finest!
By  on 1/21/2015
Wowza...This is the TOPS of all his fragrances.I am a woman and i wear this now all the time.Compliments everwhere and the heads do turn when u walk by.Earthy,Piney very warm aromatic clean...LOVE LOVE..Kilian NY is selling out on this fast!! better get yours;-)
By   - online Retail Owner from Towson,Md on 9/24/2014
This smells like straight up weed. It reminds of that smell you get when you're at a rock concert, standing in the men's restroom. Not for me.
By  on 9/22/2014
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