Imperial Tea

Eau de Parfum

by By Kilian

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The Scoop

Calice Becker, who authored most of the By Kilian line-up, is a self-confessed tea fanatic. Unconvinced by tea notes in fine fragrance, she set out to compose her own. The result is an Oh-my-God-this-is-it!, jaw-droppingly realistic rendition of the steam rising from a fresh cup of the finest jasmine tea. Kilian Hennessy found it so perfect for his Asian Tales collection that he included the blend as is, an unusual step since he is usually the one who provides perfumers with a storyline.

The light concentration of Imperial Tea sets it more in the Cologne range, which is a good thing, really: the scent is so addictive and refreshing you'll want to spritz yourself over and over. After this, tea notes in perfume will never be the same.

Imperial Tea  Notes

Jasmine sambac, bergamot, guaiac, maté, violet note

Imperial Tea Sizes Available
50ml $260
50ml - Refill $160
4x .25oz - Travel Spray $160
.7 ml
.7 ml Sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Imperial Tea...
This scent got me into the by kilian perfumes! Perfect jasmine tea scent. Can be both worn by men and women due to it being not TOO flowery and not TOO spicy/woody. Perfectly balanced. This tea is well brewed! Try it for yourself!
By   - Office from Abu dhabi on 3/26/2016
Very simple scent. Though it's a very un-ByKilian-like scent, maybe it's easy to wear on a daily basis. Of course, the main is almost Jasmine sambac(and maté), but I feel the bitter taste of green tea leaves...very little.
By   - Illustrator from Japan on 1/29/2015
This is spectacular, beautiful tea and jasmine scent that is blended superbly. BUT it feels watered down because it lasts for half hour tops and spillage is non-existant. For this price, I'd like it to last a few hours.
By  on 7/12/2014
Wow. That is the first thing I said when I sniffed this. Smells like the aromatic version of the color purple. Its amazing, not too strong but lingers in a smoky, sexy way. I will definitely invest in a bottle of this.
By   - yoga instructor from richmond, virginia on 6/20/2014
Kilian's Imperial Tea does indeed smell exactly like a cup of jasmine dragon phoenix pearl tea. The slightly smoky tea fragrance startled me when I first applied. It was interesting and compelling, but I am not yet sure that I want to smell like this. I went with the man I would marry to a beautiful wood paneled tea shop in Shanghai for a very civilized afternoon tea many years ago, and the memory poignantly returned to me. It faded almost immediately to a lingering, clean, faint jasmine tea fragrance that had me sniffing my wrist with appreciation throughout the day. I am torn about buying a full bottle, as I drink jasmine tea almost daily. To drink it and smell like it too strikes me as too much of a good thing, but I suspect that I will be back for a full bottle very soon as this was so...authentic, really.
By   - Office from Boston on 6/3/2014
I'm not sure how this is a men's cologne. It is very famine. It smells like a bunch of Jasmine samba, green tea and jasmine tea all combined. Maybe cheaper to just put green tea and jasmine tea on your body.
By   - from NM on 4/5/2014
the 1st thing i thought when i smelled this: grape tootsie pop , i even vaguely smell the chocolate center . clearing my thoughts i smelled it again and i really do smell the mate tea , which is one a my fav teas with its milky almondy flavor . definitely smell jasmine too but its all well blended together that its not too much of a white floral . still , i really cant help but shake the grape tootsie popness of it which isnt necessarily a bad thing , kinda makes the perfume .... different
By   - nakee pizzaboy from chicago on 4/3/2014
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