Love and Tears

Eau de Parfum

by By Kilian

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The Scoop

It had to happen. After the “Prelude” comes “Love”, then “Beyond Love”… and it all ends in tears. But clearly, these are the tears of joy that spring from sweet surrender. When was jasmine ever sad? If this glorious jasmine soliflore makes your eyes tingle, it'll be just because it's so darn beautiful. Unlike her other compositions for the line, Calice Becker has kept this one simple at Kilian Hennessy's request, since jasmine is a symphony in and of itself. In Love and Tears, each of its facets shines. Bergamot and petit grain add their tartness to the fruitiness of the flower, while cypress boosts its green notes with echoes of lily-of-the-valley and gardenia. Orange blossom and ylang-ylang flesh out the creamy floral heart, while aromatic cistus lends a subtle ambery glow to the drydown. But for all its sensuality, Love and Tears has a spare, contemporary feel that could turn it into a great masculine, for those who can rock flowers… What can we say? Surrender.

Love and Tears  Notes

Bergamot, petit grain, cypress, jasmine, orange blossom, ylang-ylang and cistus.

Love and Tears Sizes Available
4 x .25oz - Travel Spray $160
50ml - Refill $160
0.7ml Sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Love and Tears...
Like most By Kilian I find this to be too synthetic. It is a white/green floral, a little abstract, musky...really pretty but I discovered similar perfumes at half the price. Ok but not a must-have
By  on 3/8/2015
Absolutely beautiful, but poor sillage.
By   - artist from NY on 9/14/2013
The sheer simplicity of this fragrance is the main attraction to me and it lasts and lasts. I applied it at 4.30 pm and it's still shining through at 9.30am but one does need to be liberal with it. Love it!
By   - Clothing designer from Canberra, Australia on 7/24/2012
This was totally "love at first smell"'s IS a soliflore with average you're getting FULL ON Jasmine but the Orange Flower & Magnolia along with Lily of the Valley tend to round it out to make this a truly spectacular scent. Don't know how it got to be a unisex scent..can't picture this on a man...too girly! If you like Jasmine, you'll LOVE this!
By   - Student from Berkeley,CA on 2/2/2011
was absolutely beautiful at the start yet had completely disappeared after about three hours. oh well.
By   - from chicago on 12/10/2010
All LOVE no tears here! This is gorgeous.
By  on 11/22/2010
The opening is slightly sharp from the petitgrain, then a clear, fresh, limpid jasmine comes through. There is an echo of gardenia in there, but it's cool & crisp, not creamy or heady. The sillage is very soft & it fades considerably after 2 hours. lt's nice, but l was expecting this to do for jasmine what Beyond Love did for tuberose. lt didn't do it for me.
By   - from southampton uk on 10/15/2010
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