Musk Oud

Eau de Parfum

by By Kilian

Musk Oud Sizes Available:
50ml Refill $195
0.7ml sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Musk Oud...
Not impressed. I love rich, deep musk scents. My favorite perfume is Musc Ravageur. So when you name something Oud Musk, well I''m expecting something rich and dark and almost dirty. There is nothing unique about this. It''s not a clean musk mind you, it does have the dirtiness but its done in an oddly sheer way. I will say however, that that is probably perfect for some people. A polite, dirty musk. I guess there is a place for it. I mean no offense to the other reviewer because they are totally right but I don''t want something with THIS name to be my work scent!! Again, that being does last. So a nice, sheer dirty, polite musk that lasts all day is definitely not the worst. And...sigh...I''m sure Ill find myself wondering what that nice smell is in a few hours.
By  on 6/18/2013
Very well done musk oud by Alberto Morillas, an awesome perfumer. Just the right balance between the oud and the musk, neither too animalic nor too clean. Sillage is moderate and won''t blast your coworkers, but you will be enjoying it all day long.
By   - Project Analyst from San Diego on 6/12/2013
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