Amber Oud

Eau de Parfum

by By Kilian

Amber Oud Sizes Available:
50ml $395
50ml Refill $195
0.7ml sample $5
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Here's what other people are saying about Amber Oud...
This is an absolutely incredible fragrance. Calice Becker has given what are typically very heavy and powerful notes an amazing lightness. The bay leaf lends a very soft dissonance that provides an interesting harmony to the otherwise sweetness of the fragrance. The oud is there, but not in a medicinal or authoritarian way, so yes, probably not traditional. However, beautiful.
By   - Exec Assistant from Seattle on 4/25/2018
To make it plain and simple, I am absolutely mesmerized! At first a honey sweet cloud with hints of bay leaf and spices opens up the bouquet. Almost shy but within minutes the actual stars of the composition unveil themself. Amber and Oud! Somehow it reminds me of bee wax. The drydown is spectacular as benzion and vanilla emerge, giving this perfume its sensual and alluring heart without being intrusive or too sweet. The base of precious Cedarwood completes the balsamic formula.Well balanced!
By   - Massage Therapist and Reiki teacher from Bern on 5/17/2016
Truly a dreamy fragrance for me. I''m not gonna break down notes on this one but somehow it reminds me of the fragrant Texas Mountain Laurel plant the blooms only for about 30 days a year in the early spring. Now I can have that scent in a bottle all year long. For that reason this is "one of" if not "the" top fragrance in my collection.
By   - Financial Advisor from San Antonio on 2/28/2016
For the two prominent notes that are in this fragrance I''m shocked by its "sheerness." Not an unpleasant scent, but so sheer it almost has a "cologne" vibe. It''s "Amber-Oud Lite." Reminds me very much of a green-tea or Asian-type scent. Not something that a deep-Amber or deep-Oud fan would likely put at the top of his or her list. Would be good for those who choke on amber or oud, but love the scents and wish they could wear them...
By   - Attorney and fragrance freak from Washington, DC on 5/11/2015
There''s promise here, but I find myself wanting more for me as a woman''s fragrance. It''s staying very cool on my skin and I like it, but I am not overly moved. The cedarwood is very prominent and the amber used is very sharp. I wish there was a final note, something deeper, richer to take it to the next level. I imagine I''ll use up the sample vial, but unless something magical happens in the next hour this will just be a clean "meh" for me.
By   - from Savannah on 12/14/2013
I can''t get enough of this. The drydown lasted for hours and I couldn''t stop smelling myself. Its not as strong as some oud''s and has the amber to balance it out so that it doesn''t knock you on its ass. Sensual and a good cool weather scent.
By   - from Seattle, WA on 8/13/2013
The bay leaf note in this is so lovely and calming.
By  on 4/21/2013
I''m using this for a year non stop. it''s a state of the art scent. very long lasting. more than 8 hours. everyone wants to sit beside you just to smell this creamy vanilla dry down. nothing like this has never been crated ever.
By  on 4/4/2013
Is this really amber oud? I never liked amber because it turns skanky and animalic on me. Never liked oud either because it''s also too skanky and animalic. So amber and oud are the notes I pretty much avoid, but I got curious on this because of the rave reviews...I don''t detect amber or oud here, (some said it''s a different take on the notes) no skanky smell whatsoever on me! It''s quite boozy on the beginning but on my skin it turns into a soft, creamy, powdery veil of a scent. I bet this smells even more gorgeous when sprayed on. The soft creamy drydown just lasts and lasts. So I guess amber and oud can work on me after all!
By  on 3/1/2013
This is a rich, warm fragrance that feels more true to the Arabic perfumery traditions it''s inspired by. There is nothing groundbreaking or complex here-- just an exceptionally well turned out, highly addictive Calice Becker fragrance. I can''t think of another amber fragrance exactly like it, and part of its appeal for me is that is can smell slightly different on me from day to day. Pricey indeed, but worth it in my opinion. It''s also worth noting that I feel that it should ideally be sprayed on the skin to get to the truth of this perfume.
By  on 2/1/2013
I have no idea why this scent is priced the way it is... oh wait because of the marketing and the other BRANDS behind it... Louis Vuitton, etc.. The scent is nice, warm but nothing special. The amber is light, the top note hits very lightly and boozey, it transforms into a very lifeless middle note which you can sense a warm tinge but nothing spectacular. I do believe this is a great unisex because of its lack luster hit. The base note is immediately calm which is rare and the lasting power is mediocre. Not the Amber I am searching for...
By   - from San Diego on 12/14/2012
Warning to all amber lovers - do not sample this unless you can afford a whole bottle! This is pure heaven, beautifully imagined, rich, sophisticated, unique. I''ve tried every amber there is, but everything else pales in comparison. It''s smooth but still has a spicy kick that faintly reminds me of the sadly discontinued T42. It literally lasts all day, where most scents disappear on me In a couple hours, no matter how concentrated they are. I don''t care if it''s spring or winter, I''m wearing this baby year-round. 6 stars!
By  on 10/25/2012
it''s my third week I''m using amber our. it''s very strange. from the start I was smelling vanilla mostly and something else in the beginning. I could stop smelling this vanilla. so nice. but now my nose stopped smelling the vanilla. bought some authentic oud wood chips. burn em and oud came by. exactly like the only smell of amber oud I can smell now. so so nice. so sexy and masculin. definately a men''s scente. the most complex parfume I ever smell. maybe the best smell for my nose. if you like oud of course.
By   - ..... from ..... on 4/11/2012
its not a women parfume. its so sweet. so vanile. so nice. love it.
By  on 3/22/2012
Amazing fragrance that is soft yet smoky. I don''t have $400 for the bottle, but it is definitely worth it!
By  on 3/5/2012
I love this perfume, but absolutely hate the packaging. The scent is exquisite and believe me I''ve been looking a long time for the perfect soft sophisticated amber-vanilla fragrance, and I was willing to shell out the $$$ once I found it, but the designers at Kilian need to re-think their packaging. I hoped for a beautiful elegant crystal bottle but got a weird overly masculine black bottle with a funky textured design on the side, encased in big clunky black box with a LOCK AND KEY no less. This is just ridiculous overkill and I hate to think that the cost of this admittedly exquisite perfume was increased by this gauche pretentious gimmicky packaging. The top of the bottle doesn''t even come off easily. Fire your package designers please!
By   - music teacher from Palo Alto on 3/1/2012
Simply gorgeous and seamlessly blended. The bay achors this for me, I think, and it is lovely from beginning to end. I''ve found my amber signature scent...soft and close to my person. To be enjoyed, even on a summer''s evening. 5 Stars for all seasons.
By   - Sound tech from San Francisco on 2/29/2012
This just blew me away! I would buy this immediately if not for the almost $400 price tag...I''m not dissing the price, it''s so worth it, just my inability to pay for it. This is the second By Killian that I''ve flipped over. I think I like this one best of all of them so far though (it just barely edges out Rose Aoud). I still smell it faintly 5 hours in.
By   - A/V tech from Los Angeles on 2/23/2012
Something must be off with my skin chemistry today as this comes off sooo similar to CdG Palisander. A softer rounder deeper Palisander with the same slightly soapy note I get (but many don''t) from Palisander. I would have never expected this! Seems to have ok lasting power and nice sillage. I don''t like quiet scents and this makes just enough calm sound to be noticed. It is beautifully warm with the same herbal dry feel found in A Taste of Heaven just in a more cedar direction. Overall a more wellblended and warmer Palisander. As I said, my skin chemistry must be off.. still a beauty!
By   - daydreamer  from Norway on 2/9/2012
really good! it''s got amber but it isn''t the type of amber i''m used to, which is good. i love amber so much and this is nice because it''s a different take on amber. i find it to almost be smokey and what is supposed to be oud i don''t find oudy at all. not like anything ive smelled. i like this, alot.
By  on 1/23/2012
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