Eau de Parfum

by Hilde Soliani

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The Scoop

Bambolina means little doll in Italian, a perfume inspired by a Saturday afternoon walk in the middle of June. As sometimes happens as summer approaches, an unexpected downpour sent people scampering for cover from the brief cloudburst; Hilde found herself under a cherry tree, enjoying the drops of water sneaking through the leaves and splashing on her face like a caress, reminding her of picking cherries as a child. The delightful predicament was turned into Bambolina, a cheery cherry blossom perfume infused with watery notes reminiscent of Hilde’s late spring shower. Lemon, cherry and apricot are uplifting, bergamot is cool and there’s just a smidge of musk to mellow the fruit. If you need to bring a little surprise to a dreary day, a little burst of fun to dissipate the doldrums, then Bambolina is your cure.

Bambolina  Notes

Bergamot, lemon, cherry, apricot, cherry blossom, musk, waterfruits

Bambolina Sizes Available
100ml - Eau de Parfum $160.00
.7 ml
.7 ml $4.00
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Here's what other people are saying about Bambolina...
When I first opened my sample, I could only smell chemicals, but after a few minutes it smelled great. It smelled fresh and floral. It is a light scent suitable for everyday at the office, but I wouldn't say that it is anything special.
By Anonymous - Assistant from Queens on 4/6/2013
The more I wear this, the more I like it. I will say that I like it much more on the skin than in the bottle - my first impression (in the bottle) was green apple bubblegum. Which is telling, actually, because this is a bubble-blowing girly, playful, flirty, smell. The sweetness balances out on the skin and becomes a very clean, green, summery feminine thing - like cut-offs and cowboy boots, or a twirly summer dress. The notes that I get are: clean bamboo, tart apple, sun-warmed sea spray.
By Sarah B - Bookseller from Pasadena, CA on 12/5/2012
This smells like summer in a bottle. The cherry is very quiet, and it has a delightful tartness. I also smell orris, I think. It was very long lasting on me--even surviving a dip in the pool and a soak in the tub.
By Anonymous - Web developer from Boca Raton on 8/19/2012
I would love to give this fragrance a perfect score, but the lack of longevity is what steals that 5th star. This fragrance is heavenly! Not the sickly sweet cherry blossom I've encountered before. I understand that the idea of this line is to be ethereal, but for the price I would like it to last longer. It is almost like a body spray on me. The fact that I LOVE this scent, the bottle and packaging are what saving this review from having fewer stars. I am, however, turned off from purchasing any of her fragrances again, even though they also smell wonderful.
By Anonymous on 5/25/2012
There's a cherry blossom tree in bloom outside my window, if I could ever imagine what it would be like to wear that tree, this fragrance is it. Perfect spring fragrance, if there was a smell that could capture happiness, this is it.
By Anonymous - from philadelphia on 4/13/2012
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