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Initially not wowed somewhat annoyed. Shame on me; I didn't give this an appropriate chance. When I did, this little bakery in a bottle snuck up on me. What a pleasant surprise. It stays with you all day (or for me it did) giving me tiny bouts of delicious joy each time I caught a note from warm skin. I highly recommend giving this a try.
By   - Analyst from Chantilly on 8/20/2021
so delish, and I'm not usually a gourmand girl. it's smells like hazelnut coffee creamer but like, an expensive and aspirational hazelnut coffee creamer. like a strong, milky espresso drink with a fat slice of brioche.
By   - editor from washington dc on 1/28/2021
This smells like straight-up hazelnut cappuccino, and I mean exactly, to a T, like there's a cup sitting on the table next to me. No trace of any kind of, well, "perfume notes" that make it smell like perfume and not the real thing. Absolutely divine. But most unfortunately, it fades to nothingness in less than 30 minutes. Che peccato!
By   - Sub-Librarian from Pennsylvania on 1/7/2021
This is delicious. It smells like a creamy, sweet cup of hazelnut coffee with a buttery pastry on the side. It’s a true gourmand fragrance, but not cloying or overly sweet. And like most gourmand fragrances it doesn’t have the best projection nor does it last as long (as non gourmand fragrances). But I am not one who likes to knock people out with perfume when stepping into an elevator or dental office, so I don’t mind it.
By   - Self employed  from Los Angeles on 6/21/2019
I just wanted to add to my review that the scent only lasted 3-4 max on my skin. So even though I love the smell itself, I do wish the fragrance had a been more staying power. This is something I have noticed happening with a bunch of Hilde Soliani's scents. Still smells lovely though while it is around.
By   - tourism from puerto rico on 8/21/2018
A Gourmand lovers dream! This scent is warm, rich, sweet, and cozy. sillage is average, not too weak or too strong. I can definitely smell the coffee/cappuccino aroma, some light vanilla, and something somewhat nutty. I really enjoy the scent. It doesn't seem to develop much throughout wearing, kind of remains the same from top notes to base. This isn't a bad thing because it smells delicious, but it isn't a complex perfume. Hilde Soliani is a genius when it comes to gourmand scents. I have tried at least 10 of her scents and most are very interesting, well blended, and unique. Give it a try if you like foody perfumes.
By   - tourism from puerto rico on 8/21/2018
If only there were a drink this heavenly. You need to enjoy gourmands to like this. I wouldn't wear this to work, but I'd love it on a cold day curled up by the fire. Or outside roasting marshmallows for s'mores. This is reminiscent of a delicious vanilla/mocha served with a fresh croissant. What's not to love?
By   - Admin from Seattle on 6/23/2018
This gorumand is one of the only ones I can do--most I have tried have been too over the top. This is sugary, sure, but simple in it's execution. I smell like a bakery and I love it!
By   - student from Denver on 4/18/2018
Hilde Soliani's scents are soooo true to life...it's amazing how she captures a scent the way she does. Buonissimo is no exception! This is absolutely a heavenly brioche and a coffee; the perfect breakfast. How does she create the egg wash and sugary top? It's a fun mystery! I had to reluctantly knock one star off for longevity; on my skin this fades away in just an hour or so. Then again, this is a dabber sample, and I would have to use a spray sample to get the true performance of this goody. LOVE THIS! Soliani's gourmands are definitely the best around!
By   - Pharmacist, Wife, Mom, Perfume Geek from Grayson, GA on 3/23/2018
True to the description. I went straight for the full bottle and am glad I did! This is wonderful! I have come to trust what Hilde states will be in the bottle is in the bottle
By   - Actress from Wonderland on 2/8/2018
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