Eau de Parfum

by Hilde Soliani

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100ml $160
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Here's what other people are saying about Bell'Antonio...
Spartan two note perfume of pipe tobacco and coffee notes. Very simple, very to the point and excellent at that! Evokes memory images of my time in Paris or Florence sitting outside a cafe with my coffee and listening to the heated debates of smokers around me. Well done.
By   - Admin from Williamsburg on 12/31/2018
This is the most authentic tobacco and coffee elixir that I can imagine. After wearing the fragrance, I’ve decided that I like the scent in a room but not on my skin, lest others turn their heads — not because they find the smell alluring but because they wonder if I spilled espresso on myself while puffing on a pipe.
By   - Educator  from Dallas on 10/12/2018
Honey and cigarettes.
By   - Curator from Los Angeles on 1/11/2018
Ah, coffee + cigarettes. THE Breakfast of Champions. This "flavor combo" was a mishmash of a mashup suitable for quitters. *Zero Stars*
By   - Retired Artist  from New York City on 5/13/2017
Very beautiful fragrance and it's the perfect blend of Tobacco and musk. Very masculine but women can wear it.
By   - N/A from Melbourne on 7/16/2016
My favorite tobacco scent to date. For the bucks, I would prefer a more opulent bottle design. Or at least better label graphics.
By   - from Evansville on 5/1/2013
This smells masculine and delicious, honeyed tobacco with traces of coffee. Unfortunately, my skin eats this within an hour. Three stars for the beautiful feeling, albeit fleeting, that this captures.
By   - painter from portland, or on 7/26/2012
Love it!!! I quit smoking 13 years ago and sometimes miss the scent of tobacco. I am also a big fun of coffee. So, to me it's absolutely divine.
By   - Empty from Parker on 10/6/2011
Very Masculine & Sexy Scent!!!
By  on 11/22/2010
This is the most sexiest man's perfume I have ever smelled! (after L'Air du desert marocain by Tauer). I can fall for any man who wears it :) ok, that's a joke but it is really powerfully masculine and sexy!
By   - HR from ISTANBUL on 6/22/2010
I tried this one three times over three days. Desperately wanted to like it. Unfortunately, it is the difference between fresh tobacco and burnt tobacco. Blegh!
By  on 2/1/2010
I had high hopes for this one, since i really like the smell of tobacco. But after I put some on the inside of my wrist , it started to smell like the stuff you use to line the bottom of hamster cages.
By  on 10/23/2009
Not quite sure what to think of this one. On one hand I like the scent itself (pipe tobacco), on the other hand there's also something that makes my nose itch.
By   - Scientist from Oslo, Norway on 9/22/2009
I can't add much to what has already been said below. This is like the smell of tobacco when opening a fresh pack of ciggies. Its unisex, unique and not overly sweet or smoky. I only get the faintest hint of coffee. I really like the idea but really not sure if I want to actually smell like this, or what occasion it would be suitable for.
By   - admin from melbourne on 5/14/2009
This is a dead-on tobacco scent--I get only a hint of coffee. This evolves from a raw tobacco leaf to an "old cigar" scent, and is truly long lasting. It is definitely unisex, and I agree with the previous poster--people may think you are a smoker if you wear this. This whole line is truly unique.
By  on 3/20/2009
If you are looking for an authentic tobacco fragrance then you'll be quite pleased with Bell Antonio. This smells like pure pipe tobacco but soft and smooth. I can't really compare this to Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille because that is much sweeter, bolder and spicier. Ms. Soliani focused her work solely on tobacco. I detect a hint of smoke as well which could be from the coffee? I'm not sure, but this is so realistic that I'd wonder if people thought I smoked while wearing this.
By  on 3/17/2009
Nicely done, subtle, remind me of TF Tabacco Vanille, just in a lighter version. I like it. Slight hint of sweetness to it. Definitely Unisex fragrance.
By  on 3/13/2009
Nicely done, but too subtle for my tastes. I prefer Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille for more sillage.
By  on 3/12/2009
I would not wear this. I prefer bold feminine fragrances, and this is far too masculine for my taste. However, I want to thank Ms. Soliani for creating a fragrance this is about as close to smell of my beloved grandfather as any perfumer has come. Bell'Antonio stirs my memories and makes me smile.
By   - from los angeles on 3/3/2009
This is a gorgeous tobacco and coffee blend, not sweet and perfectly wearable. The tobacco note smells like the inside of a cigarette pack and a hint of pipe tobacco, there's no smoke or ashtray note, which is exactly how I want my tobacco note to be like. Amazing and gets 5 stars from me. So glad it's now available at Luckyscent!
By  on 2/28/2009
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