Donna Sentenza

Eau de Parfum

by Hilde Soliani

Donna Sentenza Sizes Available:
100ml $160
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Donna Sentenza...
Oh my. This is D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!!! I''ve been in search of a realistic, not-so synthetic smelling banana fragrance for a few years. I''ve sampled a couple that comes close, but the banana note isn''t the star or focus, instead, it serves as an accessory note. I go through periods where I wear gourmands and lately I love the softly milky, vanillic, whipped, thick cream scent. Throw in the banana and I''m in heaven. This has a light, whimsical quality with the right amount of sweetness. It smells just like the description. Lile banana cream pudding or pie. This is perfect for autumn, though it''s light enough for all seasons. This is a definite full bottle purchase. Love, love, love.
By   - Student/SAHM from NorCal on 10/20/2018
A beautiful scent that smells EXACTLY like banana pudding from Magnolia bakery, right down to the vanilla wafers..It opens with an intense banana scent, but this quickly turns to the delicious vanillabanana pudding straight from the New York bakery. I could still smell it, quite faintly, at the end of the day.
By   - Nanny  from Chicago (Via England ...) on 10/10/2018
Well, it does say it smells like bananas-- smells exactly like the banana flavored salt water taffy I would get on Halloween. Smells good for a few minutes, then becomes nauseating for several hours. Another perfume for ten year old girls.
By   - disabled from mount aukum on 10/4/2018
OH MY GOD! THIS is THE most exquisite scent imaginable!It smells EXACTLY like banana cream pudding from Magnolia bakery, complete with Nilla wafers. It opens with a pretty intense banana scent which quickly dries to a creamy vanillabanana pudding like heaven.Would give it ten stars if I could ...
By   - Nanny from Chicago on 10/1/2018
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