Hilde Soliani

Il Tempo delle Mele

Eau de Parfum


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Here's what other people are saying about Il Tempo delle Mele...
It starts off like a crisp fresh apple, then dries down to straight up incense. I was hoping it would be a sweet, tart, crisp apple scent, but the base notes which are woody and incense-like just over take everything. Maybe it’s my body chemistry, but I don’t think it’s very gourmand at all.
By   - Self employed  from Los Angeles on 6/26/2019
Sweet, crisp, juicy apple! My next full bottle purchase for warm weather!
By   - Actress from Wonderland on 2/10/2018
What a beautiful scent. It starts off with a fresh sharp apple, then settles into creamy milky vanilla. Sweet, but not overpowering. Lasts for a long time, I keep getting whiffs of it each time I move. This scent is perfect for a rainy or cold day, I would even wear it at home. Very cozy and delicious.
By   - Scientist from Raleigh on 6/21/2017
Let me start off by saying that I have tried MANY HIlde Soliani' perfumes and I'm a huge fan. This one sounded like it would be a winner for me but nope not really. I smell the same lactic milk note that is used in her Crema e Latte scent (I like that perfume), but I don't smell any apple or vanilla. I can't even pull up any other specific note to help describe this one. If I had to add another note along with the lactic milk, I'd go ahead and call it nutty. Anyway, the sillage is soft, at arm's length. I've had it on for about 3 hrs now and it's still going strong. Although, I would categorize this scent as a soft one. It's in now way in your face. I'm sadly passing on this one.
By   - . from Puerto Rico on 6/1/2017
I can't say this enough time. buy buy BUY this fragrance! I was hooked the second I smelled it in the store. It's a creamy yummy apple infused goodness. I tend not to like super sweet, but this is intoxicating! i liked it so much, I will be taking a look at other Hilde Soliani fragrances.
By   - Risk Manager from LA area on 4/26/2017
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