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Eau de Parfum

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I love Hilde and everything she makes is special! This fragrance is gorgeous and soft, lovely light (not dark) soft amber, creamy and sugary sweet but, without being annoying or smelling too young... the notes are blended so smoothly that it has a velvety cozy quality to it. The pink sugar analogy that other reviews have offered is valid- although this fragrance smells much more mature, sexy and way more like actual cream and sugar instead of an imitation.
By   - Cosmetics Exec  from Denver CO on 5/3/2021
I agree that this smells similar to Pink Sugar, but a definite improvement as there is no burnt sugar note in this smooth, sweet, cuddly-soft scent. On my skin, I'm getting the caramel and sugar notes most clearly and there is a slightly lactonic (milky) background going on. I don't necessarily smell biscuits, but I do smell good enough to eat lol. I'm going to play with the sample I have to see how this does in higher heat and then I might take the plunge and make this my first full-bottle niche purchase.
By   - Administrative Assistant from Guthrie on 3/23/2021
Crème Pâtissière, toasted puff pastry, vanilla bean paste, thick double cream, lightly caramelized sugar and a tinge of Bird's custard powder. Memories of filled cream puffs and a vanilla slice, just the lightest hint of sweetness and rich vanilla bean coming to a simmer in a pan of milk. Extreme longevity as Avatar is still going strong at 12+ hours and I can't stop admiring the scent.
By   - Office Manager from Williamsburg on 1/1/2020
You know that scent “pink sugar”...it’s a little perfumy, a little gourmand, very sweet and soft? That’s what this smells like. I was hoping it would smell like caramel, but there is enough Amber and white musk to take away that true gourmand scent. Which isn’t a bad thing if you don’t want a scent that is totally gourmand. Buonissimo is a much truer gourmand and smells more like caramel than this scent.
By   - Self employed from Los Angeles on 6/26/2019
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