Hilde Soliani

Crema di Latte

Eau de Parfum

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Sweet milky vanilla, caramelly at first, then moves toward a delicious custard or cake. Not super strong, won't give you a headache - just a really really good if you like that sort of thing!
By   - writer from saratoga springs ny on 11/4/2020
This is the only fragrance that has made me happy lately. Sfogliatella. It’s all fluffy coffee creme filling and I did, at first, get a bit of that powdery plastic doll smell - but it was not unpleasant! I love this but I don’t know if I can afford it. Or can I afford NOT to have it??
By   - from Bear on 2/21/2020
This scent is very sweet and super yummy - makes me think of buttery caramel popcorn. I love scents that smell like food so I was attracted to this one and really considered adding it to my buy list - but I found it to be a touch headache inducing so had to pass
By   - Fashion Design from New York on 6/17/2019
Amazing!!! This is a wonderful fragrance. Wearable day or night. Cozy. A warm hugging fragrance. Like your favorite cashmere sweater. I love this! Going to seek out her other fragrances. You must try if you like a milky undertone to your sweet fragrances.
By   - Hospice worker from Sharon on 3/25/2019
Hilde Soliani takes three simple notes and showcases such complexity within a the triad. I get milk, I get coffee, caramel, la leche, toffee, sugar dustings, espresso, so many things within one perfume. Strong but delicate at the same time.
By   - Admin from Williamsburg on 12/31/2018
Very, very sweet gourmand fragrance. On my nose I get a very sugary lemon meringue pie mixed with a heavy creamy rice pudding. This scent is very long-lasting (8+ hours). It dries down a bit more around hour 6 on my skin, but it's just too sweet for my liking. If you like the idea of a lemony-vanilla-condensed milk fragrance with good projection/longevity this perfume is definitely for you.
By   - Admin from Toronto on 2/27/2018
Delicious sweet gourmand, my most complimented fragrance. Love, love, love her work!
By   - slaving over a hot computer everyday from Upper Midwest on 2/6/2018
Like gourmand scents? This is a five-star treat -- a sweet, heavy, creamy thing that, yes, does bear a strong resemblance in the opening notes to breast milk, shifting to a caramel effect after a while on the skin. It’s beautifully executed and, in that execution, is not so much a fragrance but a memory in a bottle, a very clever simulacrum of something you almost remember. Not a gourmand fan? It’s beautifully executed, but you’re pretty definitely in the wrong neighborhood -- three stars for you. My rating splits the difference.
By   - editor from Seattle on 6/27/2017
This was one of those where as soon as I smelled my sample vial, I wanted a full bottle and I wanted it NOW. This reminds me so, so much of some perfume from my youth that I absolutely cannot place and it has been making me nuts. But I digress. This is a very warm, creamy, milky vanilla sniff. It stays on the warm side and I haven't found it to be overly sweet like some reviewers - it almost goes a bit caramel-ish on me. I keep reaching for this one over and over, so it must be something special.
By   - Streamer from Florida on 12/31/2016
Milky caramel yumminess, I don't get lemon or cinnamon, nor to I get any sour notes. Beautiful throughout. Sillage and longevity are very good. Only my limited budget stops me from owning every one of her creations.
By   - been around from many places USA on 12/13/2016
Sweet. Super, nauseatingly sweet. Imagine milk saturated with sugar set to boil, and then left in the sun for too long. I so wanted to love this, as I'm in the market for a scrumptious foodie scent to make my husband weak in the knees. But alas, this wasn't it. This was a scrubber that left me with a sour tummy :(
By   - Writer from Austin on 9/28/2015
Delicious fragrance, soft creamy and comforting. Despite this description, it doesn't make you smell like you work at the local Twinkie factory! It makes you smell warm and approachable and seems to inspire tasting...I often spray some on before sleeping because it's soothing and beautiful. I just wished it lasted a little longer on the skin but putting on unscented moisturizer first helps it linger one skin.
By   - jeweler from erie pa. on 4/16/2015
On first whiff this smelled like a caramel macchiato, yummy. But then it dried down to something sour like a macchiato left in the hot sun for a few days. How is that possible? It doesn't have any milk in it, does it? I was disappointed but I wanted to like it. I tried it again layered with Orange Sanguine (which I thought too bitter). Absolutely delicious at first but it still dried down to sour.
By   - Healthcare from Olympia on 4/7/2015
Delicious and comforting. Sweet, creamy and dollopy in the best possible way. Like the special blend of cream and custard tucked in the centre of an italian continental doughnut. Fantastic!
By   - Artist from Melbourne, Australia on 2/16/2015
Warm, sweet, and creamy milk. Yummy for a rainy day.
By   - SLP from Bay Area on 2/3/2014
I am truly in love with this perfume. I have not been so infatuated with a scent since Bois de Violette by Serge Lutens, and this has been a few years ago. This is creamy, sweet, but with that certain beautiful depth. Instead of radiating into sickening-sweet and cheap, this scent deepens into this amazing gourmand and makes everything smell so delicious and sexy. I feel like it lifts my spirits and I do not get tired of this scent by end of a long day (which happens often with other scents). Totally FBW. Brava, Hilde!
By   - Manager from Seattle on 1/16/2014
I wanted to add an update: after wearing this perfume a few more times, I have decided that it actually does appeal to me. I still smell a faint breast milk kind of smell, especially in the top notes, but it isn't as strange as I had originally thought. The scent is very warm and rich , and sweet but on me I don't smell vanilla sweet. It is more of a caramelly kind of sweet. Once again, I do smell similarities between this and Madera by Omnia profumo (one of my all time favs). The silage is medium and it last for hours. For all gourmands fans out there, give this a try.
By   - from puerto rico on 4/13/2013
This is lovely out of the bottle. Creamy and sweet. I didn't get lemon but milky, honey, and just enough cinnamon, the way it smells after it's cooked. It reminds me of rice pudding when you put just a little cinnamon in while cooking instead of a ton of it on top like a lot of folks do. Unfortunately I can't tell you how the dry down was as it turned funky on me but that's just my skin, not the scent itself.
By   - nurse on 3/1/2013
So how did it fare in a bath house here in Sydney? Mixed reactions actually but definitely it calls for attention. There were no negative reactions. The worse would probably be of someone wondering if I just came from a coffee shop or if I work there. Several guys did look back when I passed them. One guy looked up from his phone and looked at me curiously with his nose pointed at me. Once I was sandwiched between two guys in a tight room, both were hugging and caressing me and were sniffing at me deeply.
By   - from Sydney on 2/16/2013
i love this scent...very simple, sweet but classy...you have to like vanilla but this one is FBW
By   - professor from midwest on 12/6/2012
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