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Fraaagola Saalaaata

Eau de Parfum

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Starts off incredibly artificial smelling, but does mellow down after 5-10 minutes into something more realistic. It's bizarre, it's unusual but I have to admit it is pretty delicious. Is it something I'd wear every day? No. But in the unlikely event this ever comes in a small travel spritz it could be worth the 3-5 times a year in the summer I'd want to smell like I was just visiting the strawberry marshmallow candy factory and accidentally fell into the mixing vat. It's very strong though, so a light application in areas away from your own nose (hair, lower back, etc) would be prudent. I have 2 spritz on my wrists currently and it's nearly overwhelming me.
By   - Gardener from Surrey on 9/26/2021
I received a sample of this fragrance from Lucky Scent. I'm in my 60's and although I absolutely love fruity, gourmand fragrances, this one is way too sweet for me. However, the fragrance is great on my granddaughter. She says it reminds her of "strawberry dum dums". The sillage and longevity on this perfume are enormous. There was a soft, sweet fragrance in every room she'd been in. Wonderful, albeit not for me.
By   - Fabulous Grandma from CYPRESS on 7/14/2021
I’ve been wearing this fragrance since 2009. All I have to say is I’m on my 8th or 9th bottle - and I’m still in love with this scent. The compliments I get are non stop. Men will chase me down in stores to ask me what I’m wearing. One time I even heard two workers at Whole Foods in Weho trying to figure out where the “amazing strawberry cotton candy” scent was coming from while I was down the isle from them, ha! This is sparkling strawberry champagne with a creamy candy base. It’s effervescent and fruity but refreshing and cozy too. My favorite of all time!
By   - Cosmetics Exec  from Denver on 5/3/2021
Agree it is way too candy candy candy artificial. No strawberry I've ever eaten.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/9/2020
This fragrance is an absolute delight. It’s like falling into a fluffy cloud of candy floss. But the candy floss is not sticky – it’s soft. And there are amazingly sweet, juicy strawberries growing everywhere. In “lockdown” with COVID-19, this made my day. It’s pure happiness
By   - Attorney & Homemaker from Seattle on 4/17/2020
I bought this based on the description and the reviews ... and *hate* it. This perfume smells horribly, unattractively artificial. It doesn't lighten into anything more interesting. It's just harsh, cloying and very strong. There's nothing about this fragrance that I like - it smells like old, spoiled koolaid. Yuck ??.
By   - Marketing from San Francisco on 10/1/2019
I had high expectations for this one, since I loved gourmands and it has so many positive reviews, but...meh. It actually smells more like candied violet to me than fresh strawberry. And the "salt" is very very subtle---was expecting more of a salty beach vibe. It's not bad, but it is sweet without having a lot of nuance imo.
By   - Art director from BROOKLYN on 7/29/2019
This is outrageous! I am in LOVE with this. I just received my sample. Smells to me like candy...I can't explain what I smell. My boyfriend just said he smells candy across the room! If you like sweet, try this....
By   - Health worker from Sharon on 3/30/2019
Wonderfully playful and happy. Summery and long lasting for a fruit based scent. Like powdered Koolaid, but not overly sugary.
By   - Therapist from Portland on 11/6/2018
Excessively sweet fragrance lacking depth and complexity. If you happen to like it you will be pleased with how long it will be lingering on your skin. Not my cup of tea. Couldn't wait to get home to wash it off.
By   - teacher from lexington on 9/5/2017
The wittiest strawberry cotton candy imaginable, with a great carnival-midway overall effect thanks to that dry salt note. More fragrances should make one laugh out loud, don't you think?
By   - editor from Seattle on 6/13/2017
I LOVE this perfume - but not in a normal way. This is not a "classy" or "sophisticated" perfume….This is a scent for a person that likes to get a huff of fruit dust when making kool-aid from a packet…BUT I don't want to sell it short - It is the perfect balance between synthetic + cool, natural berry juice - like real strawberry suspended in jello. It is decidedly & intentionally 2 dimensional, like the graphic art of Murakami - but not without complexity or interest. This IS basic, but it is not a one note. This IS NOT a slip dress made with beige ballet lace - This is a red metallic red coat. Very fun, Very wearable- One of the few perfumes that I would suggest for a pre-teen (If I wasn't intent on ganking it for myself!)
By   - Art Jeweler from Dover, De on 3/24/2017
Unique and beautiful. Luscious, fresh, sweet strawberry with salt. At first a little candy like but within minutes becomes a more natural sweet strawberry scent. Love the added salt. Makes me think of a strawberry cocktail with salted rim. Yum!
By   - IT from Texas on 1/30/2017
I bought this a couple of years ago and love it as I did then. I only use it for special days in the Summer and the scent stays true. Lovely strawberry scent toned down with salt. Salt Water Strawberry Taffy! I can almost taste it!
By   - Actress from Ammon on 9/30/2015
Everything others have said, very unique, special, beautiful and expensive (a little too $) but it is dear memories, a gelato stand on the top of the hill at the beach in Camogli, childhood memories, dolls, kisses, tarts... the most beautiful strawberry. Love but will hold on buying until I have the cash...love though!!
By   - from NYC on 2/23/2015
Its very nice and sweet. I would never pay 200 dollars for this. There just isnt enough wow factor for that. Its pleasant for those who love sweet fragrances.
By  on 10/14/2014
Fraaagola saalaaata is genius. "Hmmm, light, sweet strawberry candy, ho hum, what a pity" I thought at first sniff. Suddenly, my mouth started to water as if I'd eaten something salty. I adore salt and often get teased "Would you like some dinner with your salt?" by my husband. A gentle, candy-like cloud followed me throughout the day, pleasant enough - but the salt! I thought it smelled like burning plastic, up close, but an inch away, I repeatedly got wafts of salt. Incredible! I will definitely try Hilde Soliani's others, as I've already got and appreciate the classics - I want surprises!
By   - Office from Boston on 10/9/2014
This is ambrosia, with whipped cream and all. It's a beautiful summery fruit salad of mostly strawberries and cream. As it dries down, it becomes softer and sweeter. The underlying saltiness makes me think I am at Atlantic City walking the boardwalk and enjoying a strawberry salt water taffy. It's a very happy perfume. I also detect just a hint of spice, closer to my skin. It has a good sillage, maybe 4 or 5 feet, with just a moderate spritz to the wrists. Not overwhelming, just very ambrosia.
By   - project manager from philadelphia on 7/4/2014
god i love this , i wont go into describing it cos you already kno what it smells like . one thing i wanna add : if ur smellin this from the vial sample then yes ur gettin the gist of it but the saltiness doesnt rly come thru as well. when i got my bottle and sprayed it i was a lil bit surprised cos the salt was muuuuuuch more noticeable which i think is awesome. so if ur kinda bummed that u dont rly get the salt when u apply your sample u dont have to worry cos its alot more apparent from the bottle vs the wand in the sample vial
By   - nakee pizza boy from chicago on 4/4/2012
This frag makes me joyful, and whenever I wear this I get the inclination to frolic about. True to its notes, it is definitively strawberry with a touch of salt. No sugary drollness here. I have to agree that even though the idea of strawberries attracts a younger crowd, this scent will work well with all ages.
By   - mother from Austin, TX on 2/11/2012
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