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My first HS purchase and the one that caused me to seek out her other offerings. Hilde is a master, hands down. The best sweet almond fragrance out there.
By   - slaving over a hot computer everyday from Upper Midwest on 2/6/2018
When I got a sample of this, I knew the second I sniffed it that my wallet was in peril. This is, without a doubt, the best almond perfume I've ever come across. It starts quite strong, but mellows to a pure, soft warm almond with maybe a bit of vanilla. It is beyond delicious. I truly love this one.
By   - Streamer from Florida on 12/31/2016
it's a very straightforward amaretto-y scent, the description of it is pretty spot on, sweet almonds, a buttery dough-y ness plus a undercurrent hinting at bitter darkness. warm.
By  on 4/19/2015
hmmm, this is lovely and quite smooth. I can really make out the almond and the amaretto and I like the blend very much. It is feminine but in a sexy yet subtle kind of way. It lasts for 5-7 hrs although after about 5 hrs or so the scent is lighter than at the beginning. The silage is average, not too weak or too strong. While wearing this I kept getting wiffs of it in the air and couldn't stop noticing how nice it smells. It's sensual and I believe it would work in hot or cold weather equally.
By   - from puerto rico on 5/8/2014
Orgasmo is very interesting.It's smooth and subtly sweet. You can really smell the amaretto and almond. It lasting time is average, between 4-6 hrs and the silage is soft but not so soft that you are the only one who can smell you. It's very attractive! I've never smelled another perfume similar to this one, very original.
By   - from puerto rico on 4/21/2014
Starts off yummy; very quickly turns powdery. Gross.
By   - SLP from Bay Area on 2/4/2014
I like this scent. It is slightly sweet with a semi bitter almond that makes a lovely combination. The notes don't evolve much from top to base but I like the way it smells so I am ok with that. It isn't the strongest perfume out there, the silage is quiet but still you know it's there. The lasting power is about 4-5 hrs, so not bad. Overall, it's a winner in my opinion.
By   - from puerto rico on 8/14/2013
The almond all but disappeared on me. Nothing remarkable about this one on me.
By   - from Cleveland on 8/2/2013
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