Hilde Soliani

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Here's what other people are saying about Eau de Cuisine...
I love Hilde Soliani perfumes...specifically conafetto & sweet home. This one did not disappoint either. It's sort of a licorice smell on me at first spritz, but lighter....I love it. It's cozy and warm.
By   - Adminstration from Boston, MA on 10/27/2020
I have received a sample. OMG ! How different and lovely...It has many phases. All the notes breeze in and out. I smell breezy mint and whiffs of carmel . Sometimes airy and the ocean . Like your at the beach, eating a girl scout mint cookie...you take a bite and a wave hits you and you get the salt water. One of the most different scents I have smelled in a long time. I am going to order a few samples and check out the longevity...You could actually say Wow this is so unique. I have never used up a sample so fast.
By   - Health worker from Sharon on 10/21/2020
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