Buon Pranzo

Eau de Parfum

by Hilde Soliani

Buon Pranzo Sizes Available:
100ml $160
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Buon Pranzo...
I waffled back and forth between this and Hot Milk, which is a sister scent. At the open, Hot Milk struck me as a touch sweeter (perhaps the difference between the chili vs black pepper), but as they develop Buon Pranzo gets creamier and slightly sweeter (and when I'm talking about sweetness here I mean sweet as in a plain croissant or whole milk, not candy) whereas Hot Milk turns ever so slightly sour on my skin. If I could, I'd probably own both.
By   - - from Los Angeles on 8/12/2019
LOVE this. Butter and pepper, yes, but also a bit of lemon (the oil from a piece of peel run 'round the rim of a glass, not the pulp), salt, and some kind of very soft floral notes. It's spicy and creamy and just a teeny-tiny bit sweet, likely not sweet enough for fans of Hilde's more dessert-like gourmands but perfect for me. The dry down is warm and creamy (but not powdery), and the lemon note takes on a different character that stays just to the left of soapy. At times the pepper curves slightly more towards cinnamon. A shapeshifter for sure, this doesn't project a ton but is more of a nuzzley skin scent. Not like any perfume I've ever smelled before and definitely FBW. Totally genius.
By   - - from Los Angeles on 8/12/2019
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