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Vani Choc

Eau de Parfum

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The “choc” is a bit of a misnomer here, curious choice for a name, it should have been Vani-Lemon instead. This hits with a strong lemon Pledge vibe at first, pure lemon oil, but thankfully that dries down fairly quickly and heads to the background. The vanilla and sandalwood take the stage and are blended nicely. This is a nice mix, I’ll certainly use up my sample and enjoy it, but for me it’s not a top pick, just ok. I’d recommend picking up a sample though if the description is in your wheelhouse, maybe that wild punch to the face of lemon is just on my skin?
By   - Gourmand Lover from San Diego on 9/24/2020
I adore this. It is very bright and light in the open and I feared it would disappear. And while Vani Choc stays on the light side through the dry down, it lasts and lasts without shouting. Suitable for any time. This is bottle worthy. I like this as well as almost any vanilla - gourmande. Maybe more...
By  on 6/14/2014
The lemon open on this is surprising and delightful. It also lasts longer than a top note usually does. The dry down into the vanilla and chocolate is nice. Not cloyingly sweet. This is an interesting fragrance in the gourmand category because it smells "almost edible". I think that is a compliment. The gourmand element is there but VaniChoc doesn't smell like dessert. There is a sophistication and a gentle woodsiness that keeps it from crossing the line into scented-candle-land. Great demonstration of perfume blending. The trip from top to bottom is exciting. I now want to try other fragrances in this line.
By  on 6/5/2014
I had high expectations for this latest scent from Hilde Soliani as I like quite a few of her fragrances and all of the notes listing seem right up my alley. However, this smelled awful on me!!! I smelled none of the notes listed, just an unpleasant odor that after 30 mins or so I decided to wash off because it bothered me. Oh well, I suppose they can't all be winners. Maybe this will work better for someone else though.
By   - from puerto rico on 5/8/2014
I didn't like this scent, or rather, it didn't like me. On me all it smelled like was something sour and not at all sweet vanilla or almond. I was so disappointed because I often love Hilde 's scents, especially because all of the ingredients in this I tend to love but it was all wrong this time. I could smell some sandalwood, but this sandalwood smelled musty and closer to patchouli for some reason.The perfume has lasted quite well though. On my skin, the notes never changed. It almost smells masculine as well.
By   - from puerto rico on 1/17/2014
First blast is strong and cold due to the citrus accord. I get the sweetness of the vanilla but I think the citrus rules the first 30 minutes. However, the scent softens and the vanilla gets warmer but still breezy. If you like your vanilla different, this is a good choice. Not heavy at all but a very nice sweet and subtle vanilla scent.
By   - Music Educator on 1/9/2014
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