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I'm surprised by the baby lotion comments, philistines. This is Orange blossom not Neroli, a honey scent with traces of the fruit and petitgrain. It opens a little green and develops into a sexy white flower bouquet, all softly sugared. On the dry down a wonderful, subtle sugar candy almond, but the almond doesn't overpower. My only wish is that is stayed a little longer but I will buy a FB to see if a hefty spritz works there instead of dab. I'm in love. Sometimes I think a fleeting tuberose, tiare or bubblegum note in the middle but just the slightest hint. I don't care for neroli scents but love this. Much respect for the art of HS perfumes.
By   - artist from NYC on 2/11/2018
I agree with the reviewer who said it smelled strongly of pink baby lotion in the bottle. It absolutely does. On the skin, the baby scent eventually fades into a sort of indeterminate powdery-sweet floral. It's a pleasant fragrance, to be sure, but nothing special. Certainly not special enough to wear as a bride! It would be pretty for a young girl just getting into perfume, I think.
By   - Writer from Austin on 9/23/2015
Love this. I've always enjoyed those pastel colored Jordan almonds. I also have always strived to smell sweet, like candy. This is it! It's beautiful, girly and calming.
By   - from Middleville on 8/13/2015
Conaffetto smells like a freshly bathed baby to me. I can only barely detect the vanilla and floral.. Overall, I smell pink baby lotion (I have an 8 month old - I know this smell well). It is not unpleasant by any means, just not what I signed on for. If you are one of those people who, like me, can't see past powdery notes, this is not for you.
By   - teacher on 3/7/2014
This to me is what I expected from Alessandro (which ended up too powdery for me) and I get the association below to Farmacia CARA but with more lasting power and scent trail. (still love Farmacia CARA). This has that sweetness that floats in the air in Spring when sweet blossoms open and you walk around wondering what it is that smells so wonderful. Along with that I get the almond and the sugar. The orange blossoms are not sharp - I believe them to be the honey-sweet that I sense after this has set for about 5 minutes on the skin. Perfectly blended, once settled from the initial blast. One application behind my neck and on my chest gently wafts about treating me to its gentle caress. It is a perfume that smiles. I read that her perfumes are scent memories. Scents that trigger past warm fuzzies. I get that - when I experience this scent it feels familiar but different. Comfortable and very cozy and sexy at the same time. Though I do appreciate Alessandro and would not be upset to receive it as a gift - and I LOVE Farmacia Cara and wear that often. This has wiggled its way up to one of my top favorites in this scent category. A scent for grown ups that feels young. LOVE it! Oh, yes, expensive - but if 2 spritzes can last that long - very worth it and I know I will start saving now for another spare bottle. Hope she makes it forever! *I find I am drawn to many of her scents - at least all that I have sampled so far.
By   - from Phila on 11/19/2011
if you are looking for something subtle and lovely with a gorgeous scent for spring and summer, this is it. very shy, but elegant. i love it!
By   - therapist from brooklyn on 5/25/2011
They are not saying conaffetto means confetti here. They are liking the scent to it. Some of these readers need to be more intelligent in their responses. The scent is to die for.
By   - Instructor from San Mateo on 5/23/2011
Conaffetto doesn't mean "confetti" in Italian. Con Affetto means "with tenderness and feeling" in Italian and is often used as a direction in music. The scent is pretty and tender. Nice sweet creamy orange.
By   - from LA on 4/29/2011
Conaffetto is the perfect blend of orange blossom and almond. I wasn't sure how much I would enjoy those two notes together, but combined they remind me of sweet pollen from some sort of beautiful flower. I've tried and owned many almond fragrances, and I don't find this one to be very similar to any of them. It's also not nearly as candy-like as I was expecting. Lovely!
By   - from Seattle on 4/9/2011
Upon application, this perfume smells very nutty on me, but not almond some other kind of nut. Almost too much so. It also kind of has an astray reminiscent smell mixed with some sharp note, which is very odd. But after about 5-10 mins that unpleasant odor goes away and what shows up is a very grown up and simple scent of bitter almond laced with just a touch of sweetness. On me though, it's mainly almond with not so much sweet, which I like very much. It doesn't go gourmand, no cookie or play-doh smells here. I feel that this perfume is elegant and sophisticated in a simple way. It's not overdone. It reminds me a lot of CARA by Farmacia ss Annuziata but this perfume has better sillage and last much longer. If you like CARA try this one to compare. Overall I think it's a beautiful scent and am happy that I bought the sample. I still cannot decide if I prefer it over Amande Sucree though, even though the two scents are both based on almond, they are so very different and I have a bit of a love affair with Amande Sucree by Sinfonia di Note. Worth trying the sample.
By   - from Puerto Rico on 4/7/2011
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