Hilde Soliani


Eau de Parfum

Acquiiissssima Sizes Available:
100ml $160
0.7ml sample $4
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This is a dead ringer for Hyle by Farmacia SS. Annunziata, only slightly softer around the edges. That marine bite laced with lemon is the dominant jolt, but there's something in here that warms things up just a touch and, in my opinion, makes this one a little more wearable – some kind of creaminess for the salt to melt into. I wouldn't have identified green tea or jasmine. This one projects and lasts the longest of the Hilde's that I've tried. A lovely unisex summer scent.
By   - - from Los Angeles on 8/12/2019
Was really hoping to like this with all the positive reviews, smells like nothing more than dollar store sun screen to me though...
By   - from Las Vegas on 3/13/2012
This long-lasting scent, alas, had me sneezing -- which is too bad, as I very much enjoyed the way it smelt of salty cucumbers on me. Yes, instead of getting any green tea notes, I got cucumber -- an unusual but very pleasant cool watery smell. The jasmine note was of the light and clean variety and held out for about two hours. For the remaining four hours the fragrance lasted, every time I sniffed my wrist I smelled sunshine and cucumbers -- a clean summer vegetable garden smell. Again, unusual, but pleasant.
By   - from Gainesville, Florida on 12/29/2010
lovely, just a bit too much seaweed to my liking. it really reminds me of summer days on the beach.
By   - web developer from melbourne on 12/8/2010
Wonderful! It is worth every penny! Superb craftsmanship! Very consistent and complete marin parfume.
By   - artist from NYC on 10/5/2010
Wasn't sure about this when I first tried it. I got it along with several other samples and I think I confused my nose. So I stuck the sample in a drawer. Just took it out again last night. And I am loving it--now that I have used it w/o the interference of other fragrances. All of the fragrance notes listed in the description are clearly here, but the balance is sublime. Nothing sticks out above the rest. The effect is almost magical. Wearing it transports me to the blue Mediterranean...floating lazily in a little skiff with the sun and salty sea breeze on my face. This aquatic is not harsh or too salty. (I think the jasmine really gives this blend a mellow, peaceful quality.) A perfect summer, aquatic. And very unique. This makes me want to go back to Italy. And hey...maybe I can get it there a bit cheaper?? Don't think I'd shell out the $$ for a full bottle right now. But I might save my pennies to get one in the future.
By   - from Princeton, NJ on 6/29/2010
Purchased a bottle. Very good aquatic. A peaceful scent (green tea) that can be used as a summer scent or an office scent due to the freshness of the scent. The only scent that comes close is Sel Marin, but Sel Marin is less unisex and more masculine due to the cedar.
By   - Director/Public Health from Topeka on 10/21/2009
A superior aquatic/marine with great persistence. My chemistry tends to bury a lot of fragrances but this one stood out beautifully for six plus hours. The saltiness is on par with the greatest aquatic of them all, Profumum's Acqua di Sale. I prefer this one though because of the additional jasmine and green tea components which add a roundness and complexity to an otherwise linear style of fragrance. Full bottle worthy for any gender.
By   - Buyer from Minneapolis on 10/6/2009
One of the best made aquatic scents I have sampled--extremely well-made, and lasts for a good 4+ hours. The salty-sweet balance is excellent--worth a try if your skin loves this type of scent!
By  on 7/12/2009
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