Musc Monoi

Eau de Toilette

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Here's what other people are saying about Musc Monoi...
There's something sharp and funky under the monoi (maybe it's the ylang? I have no idea) and I'm not into it.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/10/2020
This starts off so beautiful, a not-so-sweet tiare with a woody/ylang undertone. But at least on me it turned to pure sandalwood very, very quickly. A lovely sandalwood no doubt about it but I wanted this to remind me of my hawaiian vacations and it only achieved that for about 30 minutes.
By   - Chef from Langley on 10/29/2020
At the start there's something challenging amid the white flowers, at least on me. It mellows over time, eventually fades to a nice musk after the coconut and flowers are gone.
By   - Business from Boston on 10/29/2020
Not as described! Not remotely feminine or floral. It smells like a sexy men's fragrance (hence the 3 stars). Makes me wonder if I received an old or mislabeled sample.
By   - Mom from Los Angeles on 9/7/2020
Michele said it so perfectly, I just want to reinforce her assessment. This is all heady white flowers, then sand and sea and somewhere over on the other side of the resort pool is a very tan woman in a black maillot glistening with Bain de Soleil orange gelee --the St. Tropez Tan--under a striped umbrella. Like sipping a rum cocktail from a green coconut while brushing against the white lilac and jasmine covered trellis next to your chaise lounge. LOVE!
By   - Manager from LA on 9/16/2016
Identifying the flower that this fragrance most resembles is like deciding which parent a child most takes after. My initial impression was that this smelled exactly like lilacs in the springtime. It's chilly and fresh and very pretty, but keeping the name of the fragrance in mind, it's easy to notice the coconut and tropical flower notes, too. This may not be the favorite of someone who prefers more difficult or challenging perfumes. There isn't a lot of evolution, but the overall impression is of something very well done, without overlooking a single detail.
By   - Student from South Bend on 1/27/2015
It's like tropical summer time in a bottle. It is a beautiful floral beach scent. The suntan oil note is in there but way in the background while the lush white floral sweetness is the main event.
By   - from None on 8/15/2014
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