Cuir Cuba Intense

Eau de Parfum

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De Nicolai scents are always impeccable in taste, flawlessly blended and boast conspicuously natural-smelling components. This is no exception: an intense, dark, brulant whiff of richest tobacco, smelled up-close in 1080p... so dark it veers upon a black coffee quality. Not the smoke, but the soft, brown aromatic leaves, soaked in sugar and something boozy perhaps. The peppery, nigh-leathery tang is pronounced, but never de trop. I suppose a woman could wear this, but gosh is it ever manly! This is for the man who is over 35, and fully "come into himself". That's how robust and full and burly it is. Blended in the classic French style in which the individual notes meld completely, no one note stands out. Sexy and confident.
By   - artist and musician from boerne, tx on 8/11/2016
The opening of CCI reminds me a little bit of gingerbread: warm spices, and molasses. I see "licorice" as one of the listed notes, which sounds about right. Initially, it's a bit sweet for my taste, but becomes less sweet fairly quickly. After several minutes, it softens and the promised tobacco is much more recognizable, along with a pleasant, subtle floral soapiness. To me, leather and tobacco fragrances should be a little bit rough around the edges. If you're okay with masculine notes like these being reinterpreted as ladylike and pretty, you will love this one. This was a bit tamer than I expected and wanted, but I can see it becoming a comfort fragrance for me and I will be purchasing it.
By   - Student from South Bend on 1/25/2015
Do you have a favorite or two out of a line yet you don't ever buy for whatever reason? Well that's me and Parfums Nicolai. But I'm afraid this one must be a blind buy. I can just imagine how wonderful this must be given her style and talents. I feel/felt that way about Mona Di Orio. She was a chiaroscurist and designed her PARFUMS accordingly. She is missed. Such an unnessary shame.
By   - Professor.  from Homer on 12/10/2014
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