Cap Neroli

Eau de Toilette

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Agree this is not a light trivial fragrance. And it certainly comes with staying power. It went on for me as a nice dry orange blossom, a little bitter. It kept going, bitter but not cold. Eventually some salty sandy notes came out; it smells like the beach. Really thoughtful, I'm not in love but feeling enchanted.
By   - Business from Boston on 10/24/2020
I expected a simpler, more summery fragrance, more like L'Eau Chic. This is more "dressed-up" and complex than I thought it would be. It would be totally appropriate for a formal occasion, if you think rules like that need to be kept, but I don't. If you're a fan of stately, impressive, classic perfumes like I am, then this is for you. If your taste runs more along the lines of modern fruity floral, it may not be to your liking. Neroli doens't seem as up front as I would have guessed by the name, but again, this is a detailed, involved fragrance. Very floral and feminine, and I think I'm noticing lily of the valley and a citrus fizz. Recommended.
By   - grant writer from South Bend, IN on 3/5/2019
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