Eau de Yuzu

Eau de Toilette

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a very happy, joyful, "yellow" fragrance. I would call it feminine, not unisex. There is a strong white floral running through out that might not wear well on the gents. This fragrance made me smile. Love it.
By   - Business Analyst from Durham on 8/1/2021
First off is the refreshing citrus which is moderate, not sharp, with a slight berry note. There is a subtlety right off the bat that feels harmonious and well-balanced, in a classic but not old man way. As the fragrance deepens, I can smell a vague peppery ambience, a bit sharper that contrasts with the opening citrus. Here is where it gets interesting, as the fragrance develops into grassy, herbal, garden scent. The base notes are very subtle, but give the scent a balance of some sexiness with patchouli and musk and make the fragrance not so proper, but with a bit of flirtation. Overall this is summery/hot weather scent that is refreshing, elegant, and really well formulated with an expert nose.
By   - Writer/Photographer from Los Angeles, CA on 9/17/2020
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