Angelys Pear

Eau de Toilette

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I've been on a quest for a pear-scented perfume and had high hopes for this one. Unfortunately, I don't smell any pear notes at all when I wear it....maybe a little if I hunt for them. But fortunately, this is otherwise a lovely floral perfume -- to me, it smells like lush jasmine and other flowers, along with some greenery and earthiness, like stepping into an abundantly blossoming greenhouse. It's funny that the description above uses words like "ephemeral," "purity," and "light" which would give the impression that this is a delicate scent, like a wispy flower nymph fluttering about you -- to me, it is robust and grounded and, well, like a full-figured flower goddess embracing you in her maternal arms. Lasts at least 4-6 hours on me.
By   - Sub-Librarian from Pennsylvania on 1/7/2021
Now THIS is how you make a great fruity floral. Beautiful blend of pear, blackcurrant with rose, jasmine and patchouli. Lovely from the first drop through the drydown. Angelys Pear has a fresh opening, with the pear center stage that reveals the other notes as it develops. The drydown is bit heavier on the patchouli than I would like, but the fragrance lasted well on my skin. I'm contemplating a small bottle of this gem.
By   - Lawyer from Tallahassee, FL on 8/30/2020
I've been looking for a new fragrance for a couple of years and always buy the small samples from Lucky Scent to try various fragrances. This one was a hit, not only for me but also for my partner! No wonder it's sold out right now!
By   - Self Employed Consultant from Los Angeles on 6/18/2020
This was the hit of my last sample order. Light, refreshing; an ideal spring, summer scent. The pear is just enough, and it definitely has a chypre feel, as the description notes. I took off a star only because I wonder about longevity; the sample fades very quickly. Definitely considering a full bottle.
By   - Teacher from Bayonne on 5/23/2020
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