Patchouli Intense

Eau de Parfum

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What I noticed is a very strong note that smells like petrichor. Is it wormwood? Very masculine. Underneath it, there's a beautiful balance of herbs and patchouli, but the wormwood was too strong for me to wear. I'd like it on a guy.
By   - writer - gardener - musician from Frankfort, Kentucky on 5/23/2020
This is beautiful. Simply beautiful. The patchouli is very understated and frankly I don't find the lavender either. There's a lot of vanilla although it's not listed here, and I'd even say dark chocolate. It's so very nice, I think it will be my new signature scent.
By   - from Chicago on 8/9/2015
When I had originally received this sample I was blown away by the uber masculine power opening that this scent possessed. Fast forward to the 100ml bottle I purchased a few days later (also from luckyscent) and the result is different. WHY ? The opening is not the same. It seems sweeter softer and more unisex than a masculine blast. I can't help but think the sample I received was outdated compared to what was in the 100ml bottle that I purchased. Don't get me wrong I like the scent but I LOVED the opening I smelled with my sample. This is basically a green floral musky/vanilla gentlemen's fragrance. More of a dandy than uber masculine (sigh). Good quality and seems to have decent longevity. Not so sure about sillage yet but definitely not a beast.
By   - Freelance from NYC on 3/23/2013
I agree with the previous reviewer, there really isn't any Patchouli in this scent, not even in the ingredients. However, I do love this scent. It is dry, spicy and has a predominance of incense and blond tobacco; the incense and tobacco arrive late to the party, showing up during the dry down stage. This type of incense smells of it burning rather than the powdery aroma prior to burning and the tobacco is a dusty blond tobacco. The sillage is moderate if applied sparingly or heavy if applied generously. The longevity is quite lasting, I can still smell it in my shirt(s) the next day. I would say this is an evening scent and one better suited for the cold months; the warmer months would heighten this fragrance to an obnoxious level. The name should be changed though, it smells nothing of the given name. Patchouli Homme is a very well-crafted fragrance like all of Parfums De Nicolai's creations. I have also tried New York, another fine fragrance. This scent is best suited for an evening out, a board meeting or a date. I would highly recommend this's a must buy!
By   - from Gaithersburg on 2/3/2010
I'm not entirely sure I received a correctly labeled sample, but assuming I did, this is decidedly the most NON-patchouli fragrance (that was labeled patchouli) I have ever tried. It was a pleasant and unique blend of dry, sweet grasses sprinkled with a few flowers; a green dampness mingled with the dusty dryness of the grass as if one was standing next to a river on an early fall day of low humidity. Evocative and unique, but more grassy. Perhaps patchouli was in their somewhere, but it seemed barely discernible. Four stars simply because it didn't resemble patchouli at all.
By   - from the South on 11/24/2009
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