Musc Intense

Eau de Parfum

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30ml $67
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Musc Intense is a warm fragrance with fruity, floral top notes and white musk at its base. I scent the presence of 2 sorts of aldehydes, even though they aren't listed. One adds some sparkle to the pear note, almost converting it into sweet mandarin orange. The other, adds nearly instant soapiness, contributing to its powdery drydown. For the first few moments this fragrance may resemble Broadway by Bond No 9, however it changes into something more feminine and powdery almost right away. Musc Intense is a well-balanced, elegant fragrance with a moderate sillage and 10-12-hour tenacity. It was a blind buy which turned out to be a good addition to my fragrance wardrobe.
By   - teacher from lexington on 11/18/2018
About a month ago I've got a 30ml / bottle (gift) from my best friend. She came to visit me- and we both were using it. We both liked it a lot. It smelled a bit more soap- flowers on me and on her a little bit more Chanel 5/aldehyde clean smell. It's not "wow- it's different" smell but it's pleasant, beautiful feminine clean scent you can wear every day morning till evening. Like your favorite plain long sleeve thirst you grab from your closet when you don't want to think too much , just want to go and look good. I've just got a large bottle from LS, I'm very happy with it, heaps of compliments, from guys especially . I recommend to try at least. M
By   - Photographer/Lawyer from Paris on 10/2/2016
I'm a huge fan of PdN, yet this one did not move me. It's pleasant enough, but generic.
By   - Student from South Bend on 1/13/2015
Nicolai and I typically do not get along, and this is no exception. Exceptionally soapy musk that seems quite airy and agreeable under all that caustic nose-hair-singeing soapiness, but even an hour later I can't get past it; the soapiness lingers.
By  on 11/21/2012
Very strong liqueur opening, with rose following. Much nicer once the topnotes dissipate.
By   - from Columbus on 10/18/2012
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