L'eau Chic

Eau de Toilette

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Super chic, super fresh. Chloe universe reminiscent.
By   - Creative from NYC on 6/23/2018
Has this been reformulated? The most recent bottle smells like mint chewing gum and has none of the vibrancy of previous bottles (purchased 2+ years ago). The original version has been my go-to for years, and I'll be heartbroken if this lackluster mint juice has replaced the bright complexity of the original.
By   - Attorney from Somerville on 3/1/2018
L'eau Chic is extremely versatile. It always works, and always feels great regardless of the mood, weather or occasion. While it's a relatively simple fragrance, it has enough sophisticated elements to make it interesting. That's a rare combination and what makes it surprisingly special. I have a 30ml bottle that is almost empty, and I will likely purchase the 100ml next.
By   - Street sweeper from Washington on 7/22/2017
This is the solution to the most oppressive summertime heat. If you want to smell like a tall, refreshing, ice-cold glass of spearmint tea, look no further. There is a very subtle citrus tartness to the fragrance. I suggest keeping it in the fridge. The perfumer mentions that there is spicy pimento as well, but I don't get that at all. One of my faves.
By   - Student from South Bend on 1/13/2015
Would be delightful on a young girl of 18. Smells like candied soap and breath mints. Could probably be replicated easily with essential oils of Geranium and spearmint
By  on 1/8/2014
This is a very green "clean" scent (yes, I meant it in that order), and an excellent unisex - I like it as much on my boyfriend as I do on myself. On clothing it wears like the perfect laundry detergent, although it is not soapy *at all*, rather than a 'perfume' and adapts very nicely to its wearer. Full bottle to be purchased.
By   - Bookseller/Marketing Coordinator from Los Angeles on 2/9/2013
This is a scent I can wear everyday. The lavender and mint keeps it fresh. It reminds me of crisp linen sheets hung out to dry. Full bottle worthy indeed. Perfect summer/spring scent.
By   - server from Bklyn,N.Y. on 5/3/2012
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