Violette in Love

Eau de Toilette

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Agree it's a berry violet. Reminds me of my first crush, junior high, summer, sometimes it's just lovely to be young. Fades so nicely into a memory of what it was.
By   - Business from Boston on 10/24/2020
What a wonderful spring treat! Nicolaï's Violette in Love dresses its bright, fruity violets in enough greenery to keep them crisp and smart, with a cool, shimmery texture. Great fun for violet lovers.
By   - Freelance Writer from Dallas on 5/9/2016
Please don't be swayed by my opinion, this perfume could very well be your next true love. That being said, I was hoping more for a woodsy violet, but for my taste, this had a little too much raspberry. I may give it another shot, though.
By   - Student from South Bend on 1/13/2015
Color: Bright sparkling pastel yellow. This is a very crisp violette more sharp green than powdery. Dry down did not soften the yellow or soothe the brightness. Borsari's Violetta di Parma delivers a true creamy violet and when layered with Violette in Love, it adds depth and resonance.
By   - Art Therapist from St. Louis on 7/31/2012
Beautiful! I missed Balkis, but this is better. I'm not always a fan of violet, but this is a dreamy, romantic, wonderful fragrance.
By   - from CA on 12/24/2011
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