Maharanih Intense

Eau de Parfum

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Here's what other people are saying about Maharanih Intense...
I'm going to sound like a crazy person here and mention that to me, this smells a lot like another PdN creation, Odalisque. I'm going to sound even crazier and mention that Odalisque smelled like it had a huge hit of wintergreen. That's what I'm getting in this one. A soft, warm, spicy background with a big wintergreen note and a hit of cilantro. I really enjoy this fragrance, and I would like to buy a bottle, but I am absolutely puzzled. How am I smelling something so different from everyone else? I get no orange, no patchouli, no chocolate.
By   - Student from South Bend on 1/27/2015
Highest honors here...just received my full bottle of this...unlike many scents, the spray outperforms the dab-on sample I received last year. Everything I love about fragrance, especially about niche fragrance, is right here: it smells fantastic initially, it has a circuitous development taking you through fruit, flowers, tea, something intensely human body-like, pure exotic far-away places, intimately familiar comfort the journey is wonderful. Second, it is easily detectable on skin without being overpowering. When I apply a perfume, I'd love to be able to visit my wrist and find it there an hour later...yep, there it is. Third, it lasts for hours, yet not in an overpowering, cloying, or insistent way. Fourth, and finally, on first sniff, I laughed out is delightful! I only bought the smaller bottle because I'm waiting for PdN to put the larger size in the round bottles which look so much nicer. This is my third winner from Nicolai: Odalisque is one of my most-used fragrances, I love Patchouli Homme (now Patchouli Intense), and now this. I can imagine being beguiled by a subtly beautiful woman, or respecting and admiring a well-dressed guy wearing this stuff. This is why we buy perfume! If you love Le Labo, Etat Libre d'Orange for surprising you, give this firm with a slightly less-dramatic image a fair shake.
By   - chemist from Athens, GA on 11/26/2014
When I first smelled Maharanih Intense, I thought I preferred the original version. I like that girly, powdery haziness of the earlier formulation. But my opinion has changed and I am in love with Maharnih Intense! I think the Shalimar reference in the description above is a good one. Although Maharanih smells nothing like Shalimar, they share a similar presence/size. If I hadn't recently dropped some serious coin on the beautiful Un Coeur en Mai, I would buy a full bottle of this immediately. The orange that opens the scent is candied but also feels juicy. I'm tempted to say it's almost an un-sweet gourmand, but I worry that may scare gourmand haters away (I was once in that camp, but not more), and I'm not sure if that's contradictory. The cinnamon and clove (which I prefer as supporting roles in perfume) are discernible, but not overpowering- they come in and out in such a lovely, playful way. I think this scent would also work very well on a man. Like all of the PdN fragrances I have tried, Maharanih is both very unique, but classical in its composition.
By   - from Los Angeles on 3/16/2012
I'm a lover of amber, cinnamon and clove so I hoped I'd like this one. Unfortunately on my skin the orange is extremely pronounced overshadowing every other note except for the amber. The result is a candied citrus fragrance which is a smell I can't stand and after 1 hour I had to shower to get rid of it.
By   - computer programmer from Athens, Greece on 9/22/2009
Something bitter in here that I just can't get past...
By  on 8/10/2009
I do prefer Maharanih intense. Maharanih (normal) is a demure creation that contains all the strengh of a well crafted oriental. It takes time to organize its charms on the blotter : pleasing orange accord, heartcatching rose, mesmerizing oriental spice (cinnamon, cloves), on an amber base of sandalwood and vanilla of great quality. I you spritz Maharanih intense, rose and orange greet you with such strengh that you fall in glee.
By   - student from France on 2/3/2009
this is a rather surprising and surprisingly lovely and unusal fragrance. it's aromtic and slightly sweet over dry, woody and herbal notes. a new favorite (and i *do* love the scent of bitter orange. not the blossom, but the fruit.)
By   - from los angeles on 5/10/2008
I really wanted to like this with the nice spicy base notes. Unforunately something didn't agree with my body chemistry and it smelled like soft-flowery soap. No thanks.
By   - from Portland on 2/5/2008
my olfactory nerves must be differently configured than the other reviewers here. I really thought i would like this, given the ingredients and glowing reviews. but all i can smell is clove, clove, clove. ok, and a bit of geranium (which i normally like). on me, this stuff smells like good 'n plenty. now, i gather from a recent study, that men like this scent but i cannot bear it. ugh.
By   - from DC on 6/19/2007
Geranium--you could chase me from here to Alabama with it. Can't stand it. But in this juice, it is transformed to a green, bitter grass that is calmed down by orange. The dry down is beautiful. The top is delightful. I'm giving the middle a go, because the rest is lovely.
By   - Artist from Alxexandria, VA, USA on 2/23/2007
Patricia de Nicolai creates beautiful fragrances, and this one is gorgeous! I did not appreciate it when I first dabbed it on, but a bit of patience paid off, because the drydown is simply lovely. I smell the bitter orange, the smoky tea and a touch of dusty dark chocolate at the base. A winner!
By   - perfume aficionado from Los Angeles on 1/29/2007
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