Jérome Epinette

Country: France

As a native of Burgandy, Jérome Epinette grew up with a passion for the complexities of winemaking that might have led him to pursue a career as a sommelier if not for an equally compelling drive towards perfumery. Over a long tenure at Robertet, he has been responsible for scores of bestselling and critically acclaimed fragrances for brands as diverse as mainstream giants Victoria’s Secret and L’Occitane en Provence, and niche stalwarts like Atelier Cologne and Luckyscent’s own Decennial line, where he created Bois Bourbon, Nuit Epicee and Santal Sacre to help us celebrate our 10th anniversary.

Epinette is perhaps best known for teaming up with Olivia Giacobetti and an industry outsider named Ben Gorham to create the wildly successful Byredo line. Epinette personally designed most of the fragrances, from the beguiling Gypsy Water to the larger-than-life Pulp, revealing a talent as diverse as it is bright.

Jérome Epinette perfumer image
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