The Orchid Man

Eau de Parfum

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Very woodsy and masculine! The black pepper adds a great touch and compliments the Oakmoss and Patchouli notes. It smells nice but I think this would be better suited for a mature man +35. I couldn't see many young guys going for this one. It's a very earthy fragrance and would be good in the Fall/Winter months. .I think the price is decent (100 ml) $165 is not bad.
By   - Sales from Germantown on 7/3/2020
To me - the fragrance is amazing. Smells very similar to Creed Aventus (which is a favorite of mine) without the powerful pineapple upfront. This will easily be on my shelf as a daily go-to for almost any occasion. Rich, fresh, mature-fruity with a hint of leather. Plus, it's a great price compared to Creed Aventus. If you're all about over the top projection & longevity then Creed has a 1up but Frapin has it just right.
By   - Communications Specialist from Hamilton, AL on 3/25/2016
I got a sample of this cologne, really reminds me "De Bachmakov" by The Different Company. If you like Bachmakov, you will find this one lovely, but I'm not a fan of this kind of scent (It doesn't mean the fragrance is bad - just didn't work for my nose). Try before you buy.
By   - Occupation from New York on 3/16/2016
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