Eau de Parfum

by Frapin

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A fruity lover''s dream fragrance. A sophisticated, complex dessert-y gourmand, featuring juicy stone fruits mingled with sophisticated white cake-y qualities, vanilla and cocoa. Luscious and nigh-edible, blended with a smooth, transparent musk. Almost like an ultra-sophisticated, glam take on Mugler ANGEL or Molinard NIRMALA. An airy suggestion of perfuminess makes it lean femme in far drydown leaves a soft delicately sweet pillow of gourmandise tinted with honeysuckle and refined leather. Delectable, classy and memorable. A bride''s wedding party delight.
By   - artist from boerne texas usa on 8/12/2018
This is a wonderful scent that makes me feel relaxed and happy at the end of a long day. In fact, I often wear this scent to bed. It is the rich sweet aroma of cognac and there is nothing harsh or edgy about it. I have a full bottle and will definitely purchase another when this one is gone. Lovely.
By   - attorney from Augusta on 1/5/2018
Frapin 1270 is my go-to fragrance for boozyspicy accords. This gorgeous beast thrills me and when I''m wearing it, I can be seen sniffing my wrist all day. Stunning, rich fragrance.
By   - Nursing Student from Greater Redneckia, Texas on 11/16/2014
Love love love 1270!Extremely delicious.. warm and satisfying.. absolutely divine. A masterpiece.The bottle is gorgeous, too!
By  on 11/15/2013
I fully expected this to be my favorite fragrance given the ingredients and some of the reviews.The drydown left me with a hefty dose of cocoa and coffee, which isn''t a bad thing...if I''m going on a coffee date or something, I guess. Thing is, I don''t have too many of those.
By   - from Evansville on 2/2/2013
One of my favorite perfumes of all time. Very warm, slightly sweet, dark, and rich. Opulent, even. It smells expensive. It''s unisex, but the sweetness would make it unusual and therefore incredibly intriguing and sexy on a man. There''s something to it that reminds me of church -- maybe the vanilla and the woods combine to form something that''s making me think of incense, although it''s not smoky or cloying like incense -- and I can imagine some powerful Cardinal in Renaissance Italy wearing this and inspiring impure thoughts in any woman he walks by.
By   - from Boston on 1/27/2013
I loved his scent! I had boght like 3 bottles of the "original" scent (the round flask like bottle) glorious scent! Longevity forever! To die for! Anyways! A few months back decided to buy a new bottle (the universal style bottle Frapin has now with the wooden top) - well upon opening it and spraying some on, I was majorly disappointed, somehow this scent has become "watered down" somehow really messed up! This was a special classic scent and now it has nothing to it, if you had smelled the original one - trust me yo would be fighting mad to smell this one! Truly very disappointing! Bring back the oringial formula otherise I woud not consider ever getting this again!
By   - from Silver Spring, Maryland on 11/2/2012
Well, I have the older version in the older bottle and haven''t used it in a long while. I decided to wear it to bed last night and when I woke up this morning I could still smell it! I still love it! It smells slightly woody and spicy and slightly sweet, slightly boozy. Still a lovely scent for fall.
By   - from NC on 10/12/2012
Pinapple, all over! I can barely stand it, to me this smells like pineapplepie drenched in honey, it''s so sweet i cannot imagine how this one ended up labelled as unisex. To me, this just smells like a ten year olds first perfume. I should have guessed by the reviews that this scent is not for everyone. If you like candy-shop-perfumes this might do it for you, but then there is plenty more out there, -with better price and staying power as well.
By   - Psychologystudent from Gothenburg, Sweden on 8/6/2012
Heartbreakingly beautiful scent, and yet so heartbreakingly fleeting. The scent just does not last long on me. Recommend trying first before buying. i would buy this immediately if it had more staying power on me.
By  on 6/19/2012
Every time I wear this I get a question and a compliment. I''m not that enamoured though - it''s nice and fresh but a bit too manly for me. I think I prefer the more floral fragrances
By   - from Australia on 12/12/2011
I can''t decide about this one. I bought a few samples and I''ve been trying it but one minute i LOVE it then the next i''m like hmmm, maybe not for me. It''s definitely like a chameleon.
By   - from New York on 9/2/2011
A sister (or brother) to Micallef''s Note Vanille. A little more airy, a little more masculine, a little more suitable to a formal occasion (I love Note Vanille but cannot imagine wearing it to any other place but a night club).A smoky, boozy, soapy vanilla scent. Complex and interesting. Too masculine for my taste, though.
By   - Designer from Diessen, Netherlands on 8/31/2011
I like this, but don''t love it. It''s a very pretty scent. It''s very sweet (not cloying, but sweet), like a very vanilla-y butterscotch. Would make a great winter scent. Not complex enough for me wish it had a little bit of spice or something to make it a tad more interesting.
By   - attorney from D.C. on 7/27/2011
This is the ONLY fragrance I own (in a collection of too many to count) where every time I wear it, without fail, at least one person stops me to ask WHAT am I wearing and where can they get some.A stunning fragrance. Warm, comforting, sensual and refined.
By   - from London on 2/22/2011
Oh my, what a beautiful amazing scent! It smells like fresh ripe pineapple to me with a hint of tobacco and caramelled coffee, just gorgeous! Very close to the skin and naturally smelling to me, nothing like the modern "molecule"scents to me.. just love
By   - from Düsseldorf on 1/19/2011
Hmmm, this was a nice scent but it was just that, "nice." I was not impressed wearing it as I was reading the composition. The sillage is soft, it wears close to the skin. Frapin 1270 smells more of butterscotch or butter-rum candy than it does anything masculine or urbane it isn''t really cloying [even though I do tend to like some cloying scents] it is just very "candied." All through the scent''s development and longevity, it is sweet all the way. I don''t like boozy smelling colognes and I thought this one would be more club-room masculine than boozy, and this one is DEFINITELY NOT boozy. To my nose, it fits into the "Gourmand" category. It''s nice if you want a sweet scent, but if you are looking for masculine, urbane, classy, stick to their liquors.
By   - from Gaithersburg on 1/15/2010
Yet another scent I hoped to love, but it was not for me. Initially it smells very good and exactly as I imagined, but then a strange mystery note rears its ugly head and gives the scent a sickening quality on my skin. I can''t put my finger on what it is, but I remember having the same experience with another fragrance many years ago. Sad.
By   - from Seattle on 1/12/2010
Love this one. 1271 is very A*Man-ish unisex scent.
By   - from Tehran on 4/2/2009
Amazing staying power! Sadly, this is too strong for me, too woody, would prefer more sweet kind of scent...
By   - HR from Istanbul on 3/27/2009
Amazing, gorgeous raisiny scent, light but not too sweet. Smells great layered with an aggressive tobacco scent. If it had any staying power at all--I would invest in a full bottle. 20 minutes after application, it''s a whisper of what it was.
By   - writer from chicago on 2/17/2009
absolutely LOVE the fragrance.louise my model agent gave me the sample.it reminded of honey flowers...now i am in love with all LUCKY SCENTS!!!
By   - model from seminole fl on 2/13/2009
Did not dig this! VERY heavy oriental notes are coming through,very old fashion. I was surprised,that this scent is nothing like I anticipated,its not gourmand smelling,to me.
By   - perfume lover from cincinnati on 2/10/2009
It''s growing on me. At first, I thought that it smelled like Chanel 5, which I despise. Then, it started drying down and now (6 hours later) smells wonderful...warm, delicate, but spicy. I think I really like this one.
By   - from Washington, DC on 1/16/2009
It has potential. At first I thought it smelled pretty generic and blah, but it''s drying down nicely
By   - from Eyota on 11/28/2008
this is heavenly
By  on 11/13/2008
what ismell most in this is the honey the prune raisin and some flower which makes it heavenly
By  on 11/13/2008
Any fragrance that can provoke the opposite ends of the spectrum reviews is one I wanted to explore. And I find I agree with the luckyscent description, a masterpiece! I think a lot of people have a particular idea of what ''perfume'' should be like, but today''s gems tear the envelope apart and once in a while one emerges that is a prize and 1270 is definitely first prize stuff.
By   - Chef from Great Northwest on 11/12/2008
I used to adore this, and despaired when I couldn''t get it in summer of 2008ish time period. I just bought a bottle of the new version, and am completely grossed out: it used to advertise that it was the woman''s experience of the vineyard in her family since 1270, and now it''s like she added, "And then some lady wearing way too much Angel perfume came in and stank up the place: the end." Now it smells like somebody poured a bunch of Angel perfume into the original formula, so it''s ordinary as can be to me now, and I won''t wear it anymore, since I outgrew Angel years back...*shrug*...really really too bad, because I would have spent tons of money on it for years...
By  on 11/11/2008
I am so disappointed that this scent both failed to register in my olfactory glands and faded almost immediately upon application. I was so looking forward to it, too.
By   - from Missouri on 3/25/2008
You know, I smelled like I was wearing brand-new motorcycle leathers and I''d doused myself in prune juice. Not my idea of sexy. Obviously my body chemistry has a way of amping leather, and as I''ve now discovered, prune scents. It''s a very complex and strong scent, I can only imagine it''s amazing on the right person, but that person is not me.
By   - from midwest, usa on 3/4/2008
Started out boozy to the point where I thought my coworkers were going to accuse me of drinking, then dried down to oaky casks and loamy ground. Didn''t quite work for me.
By   - from Philadelphia on 10/2/2007
Delicious and complex! Nothing medicinal or stuffy about it, in my book, and I''m pretty darn critical. Perhaps it just works with my chemistry, but it smells divine. I kept catching whiffs of different components, all of them yummy, combined with a sort of European old-world formality that made me sigh, realizing that I was going to have to have a bottle of this. It''s like Botrytis'' very cultured city cousin.
By   - from Michigan on 8/19/2007
I really enjoy thisscent-However, the new Dior "Midnight" fragrance smells pretty much exactly like this. ..and it costs less. I really could barely tell a differene on the drydown.
By  on 8/16/2007
the first time I tried this and got the initial blast of cedar, I thought "oh no, not for me!" But oh, the drydown! Complex and beautiful, lovely silliage that is a shifting melange of enveloping warm notes, a bit woodsy, a bit gourmand and all around breathtaking!
By   - RN from philadelphia on 8/3/2007
typo in last post..it is radiant in warm weather months also. Embrace it and enjoy!
By   - Fragrance Junkie... from Silver Spring, MD... on 10/12/2006
This is probably the most unique scent I have ever encountered. It is perfect for any occasion, I think it is my signature scent, it really glows in the fallwinter months but I can wear this is month times as well. This is a classic, and should be enjoyed by however wants to enjoy it even if you are wearing a pair of jeans & flannel shirt to a evening gown, it makes you feel heavenly no matter what "form you are in" I am a buyer for life!
By   - from Silver Spring,, Maryland on 10/12/2006
this fragrance is way too "formal" for my bohemian style, but is still nice. Just not me.
By   - student/mother from D.C. on 10/11/2006
i feel like i should be hosting masterpiece theatre while wearing frapin... which is not necessarily a bad thing. this is very warm, comforting...the layers meld together well on me. this is actually one scent i like more as it dries down--rare for me. i don''t, however, think i could wear this as my everyday scent-- a little *too* special.
By   - college english teach from pittsburgh on 9/27/2006
hmmm... believe it or not, now I''m getting PINEAPPLE wafting into the mix. Sweet, subtle, but divine!
By  on 9/5/2006
I fear my initial comment was too harsh...Actually, I am really liking Frapin "1270".After so many fragrances that are at first delicious, then disappointingly fade, this is most satisfactory. True, it is strong and sweet upon application, but then dries down to a very content, earthy-woody-warm-slightly-spicy scent. Sniffing one''s wrist puts it mildly - only deep inhalations will satisfy!
By  on 8/12/2006
eeek. way over the top. put off by an overwhelming perfume-y, chemical-y scent... pure perfume of your worst fruitcake nightmare. sorry. I''m a foody, too. yep, not doing it for me - at all.
By   - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 7/31/2006
I am really let down by this one. It smells like stuffy old men (a previous post had it right!) mixed with a bit of pine, topped off with a VERY medicinal scent. Kinda like Absorbine Jr. I''m sad about this because I was looking forward to a complex and bold smell and all I got was my grandmother''s second husband.
By   - from Mississauga, Ontario on 7/20/2006
i will say the same about this as i did about the Ginestat scents: evokes stuffy, old, businessmen in stodgy clubs, guffawing loudly and swilling snifters of brandy while eying the young waitresses. sorry.
By   - chef from tel-aviv on 6/30/2006
Smell''s like COSTUME NATIONAL SCENT with the lasting power of 2 hours, but not as heavy as INTENSE.
By   - from Baltimore on 6/15/2006
I am still on the wall about this one. There are some lovely notes that make me feel like this is a feminine fragrance and then some manly notes come through and I really don''t like that in a fragrance. At certain points this smells absolutely lovely to me and then I end up hating it. Oh well, maybe i''ll try it again.
By   - grad student from baltimore, md on 6/13/2006
This is so well blended, one is hard pressed to analyze the notes. I am simply a life-long addict. No other scent do I crave as often. It''s bordering on an unhealthy preoccupation. Send Help!
By  on 6/12/2006
Dark, yet fruity. Mellow brandyred wine feel, without the stench of alcohol. Memorable.
By   - from BKK, Thailand on 5/19/2006
Nice, warm, sexy, with some character. I can smell the raisins and honey and candied orange, and a bit of cocoa.
By   - Psychologist from New Orleans on 5/7/2006
Spicey at first couldn''t tell what it reminded me of.Similar to Calvin Kleins Euphoria. A little like pinetrees mixed with something.Verybold
By   - from Tampa on 4/22/2006
Has a lovely spicyherby smell reminiscent of several Aveda scents, especially the Chakra series. Would never have identified half of the ingredients! But there''s something in it that says "masculine" to me, so I''m going to dab some on my sweetie and enjoy.
By   - lawyer from Minnesota, US on 4/21/2006
Very sexy, chic, spicy. Felt very lucky to get this as a free sample. For me-not for every day wear. Should be used for seducing only. I normally do not go for the spicy fragrances but I kept smelling my wrist going "mmmmm"
By   - designer from NYC on 2/25/2006
The notes are all, each and every one, right up my alley, but as a mixture, 1270 just sort of fell apart on me kind of woodsy with a dark berry and maybe a little breadiness, but certainly nothing special. Too bad it seemed like a such a good match!
By  on 2/24/2006
i second and third all the reviews that say this would smell good on a man. i like it on me, too but i will not be purchasing a full bottle because it''s one of those scents that makes such a strong statement about the wearer that it''s almost alienating. it''s a serious fragrance. but that is a good thing when you''re in the mood for it!
By  on 2/22/2006
A suppose this would be the perfect fragrance for wine lovers, because that''s what it smells like to me....very sweet berried wine in oak barrels. I find it a bit too masculine overall, and I don''t really want to smell like I just stepped out of a bar.
By   - from South San Francisco on 2/20/2006
Very unique! Lovely when dries after it loses the initial sweet shock. Woody and complex yet elegant!
By   - from Florida on 2/14/2006
AMAZING!!!! Such a unique fragrance - not like anything else I''ve tried.
By  on 2/11/2006
It came off as rather musty on me. I don''t wear coffee or leather scents well at all. I thought maybe the vanilla and honey would counteract the coffee and leather, but all they both disappeared leaving me smelling like stale rank leather.
By  on 2/6/2006
A PERFECT and most delicate balance of all the described notes. Berry , cognac,honey- it''s just all too much to have even hoped for !yet , true. Love it LOVE IT ,LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!! A man or woman could wear this.
By   - Surreal-Estate agent  from St. Louis on 11/16/2005
This really smells just the way it is described. It is intoxicating almost, when you first apply, then turns more woodsy and sweet as it wears. Personally, I thought it was a bit masculine for me, but still a great scent.
By   - photographer from Springfield, MO on 11/3/2005
Stunning fragrance. I was skeptical to try this, I was afraid it would be too chocolate-y for me, but it is just fabulous. It''s a perfect blend of warm, sweet and spice but not cloying or heavy. I received my sample yesterday and can''t get enough of it! I''m ordering the full bottle today - now that I''ve experienced 1270, I can''t be without it!
By   - Graphics Artist from PA on 11/2/2005
I love this parfum. It reminds me of Marlena Dietrich stradled on a chair while singing, dressed in a pinstriped suit. Definitely congac and candied orange. Very sophisticated take charge scent. This is my favorite fall scent....verrrrrrrrrrrry sexy!
By   - from NYC on 9/14/2005
Beautiful. Smells so refined. Sexy sexy sexy.
By  on 5/28/2005
I love this! It''s so much nicer than Ginestet (for me). Gorgeous for men or women.
By   - mystic from Tucson on 3/1/2005
Nothing like Gineset... NOTHING!More for men.
By   - from Tampa, Fl on 2/24/2005
Wasn''t sure about this at first sniff, then put it on and let it bloom. It''s amazing! At first I can smell oak casks, leather, and cognac. As time passes, I catch the candied fruits, cocoa, and vanilla. What an incredible, elegant, and delicious scent! I''m not sure how people around me feel when I wear it, but I feel rich, decadent, and gorgeous. Luuurvvve me some Frapin 1270!
By   - from Michigan on 1/27/2005
Love at first sniff! This actually reminds me a lot of Ginestet''s Botrytis, but it''s different enough to want to own. On me it''s deliciously smooth, velvety & deep, with just the right touch of honeyed sweetness. A class act all the way.
By   - journalist from Manila on 1/13/2005
This started out so cedar-ish on me, I was sorry I''d bought a decant not a tiny sample. However, within minutes it bloomed into a deep, honeyed-wine-in-the-woods-in-dappled-golden-afternoon-sunlight scent which lasted a good 6-8 hours. Throughout the days when i wore this I would catch whiffs of some intriguing, sweet, wonderful smell--and then realize it was me!Now it''s one of my absolute favorites! I plan on buying a big bottle of this when my checking account had recovered from my discovery of MUA, this site, and Yosh.
By   - student on 12/15/2004
I love this....great fall scent. I love the candied orange and nut which really stands out on me. I recommend this one if you like work sexy fragrances.
By   - from New York City on 11/5/2004
Frapin was very masculine and cedarish on me. I''d prefer this on my male. I think it''s just not feminine and soft enough for me. Definitely a rich amalgamation of many notes that become a cognac-like scent. Not for me, but sexy on sexy men.
By   - Fashion merchandiser from New York on 10/13/2004
lovely, mellow, and rich, with a bit of spice makes me think of a paneled, clubby study where people are gathered for great liquers, fine cigars, and good conversation. sophisticated and warm scent
By   - from phoenix on 9/30/2004
This stuff is fabulous! I can definitely smell the cognac, woods, spice, candied fruit, leather, honey and vanilla. It smells a tiny bit musty at first but the drydown is just magnificent, sweet and mellow. Can''t wait for winter to come so I can enjoy it even more, snuggled into a warm cashmere sweater!
By  on 8/20/2004
i got an initial straight woody musky whiff, then minutes later, only a slightly sweeter nutty smell, which i thought was very nice, if a bit more like a man''s scent. didn''t get any candied orange, vanilla, honey or cocoa, for sure. not very sweet in my opinion, maybe i didn''t put enough of the sample on?
By   - massage therapist from aspen on 8/2/2004
Interesting smell - like Christmas at the mall.
By  on 7/31/2004
This is the ultimate autumn scent. I detected a soft, dry cider-like aroma with top notes of honey. Yes, there''s something oak-y in there too that has me thinking of fine cognac. I think it''s a fabulous, sophisticated scent and will be purchasing it when the weather gets cooler.
By  on 7/26/2004
I thought this was just lovely, sweet and woody just the way I like them. Definitely smells like cognac to me!
By   - from San Diego on 7/23/2004
i do think this smells nice, especially the initial application. the drydown, on me, smelt mostly of raisin and prune- old lady-ish on me but hey I''m only 20. my mom would love it.
By  on 7/23/2004
Gals..dont judge so fast...give it time to develope...it grows on you
By   - from la on 7/21/2004
I completely agree with the previous person. This does smell like a basement or old wine cellar. Not to mention the "exotic woods" smelled like the lumber aisle at home depot.
By   - manager on 7/21/2004
i did not like this smell at all. it smells like an old basement that has cedar in it. it reminded me of having to go down to my great grandma''s cellar. yuck. too strong and overpowering, even in cold weather.
By   - from providence on 7/20/2004
1270 is a lush, gorgeous scent composed of beautifully balanced woods, spices, nuts, and dried fruits. Perfect for fall. It becomes sweeter and softer as it dries down -- just a cautionary note for people who don''t like sweet scents. On the expensive side but worth every penny.
By  on 7/13/2004
Wow! That''s all there is to say about this perfect scent.
By  on 7/9/2004
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