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Chloe Sevigny Little Flower

Eau de Parfum

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Here's what other people are saying about Chloe Sevigny Little Flower...
This is really lovely as an everyday inoffensive rose. If you find L'ombre dans l'eau a bit too bitter or want to avoid that harsh tomato leaf effect, but want something with a bit more going on than a tea rose, this is a great choice. I wish the palo santo note was stronger!
By   -  none from none on 2/25/2021
A modern rose. Opening with a light citrus, leading to an airy and fresh rose. Feminine. Elegant. Beautiful.
By   - Business Manager from Bellevue on 10/14/2020
I. Love. This. Scent! I loved the sample and bought the whole bottle. It does not disappoint. It's a sweet, heady floral that lasts all day.
By   - Publishing from Boulder on 6/30/2020
Beautiful delicate fresh floral perfume, perfect for spring, and probably for any other season too. Will be my next full bottle purchase.
By   - research from Washington D.C. on 4/2/2020
I really like this perfume. It starts out with a lovely citrusy pomelo note that lasts a long time. The florals are there but don't take center stage for about an hour or so. The rose is obvious but so are peony and honeysuckle. When the musk kicks in, it adds a light *fluffiness*. I think this might need warmer weather to really bloom. Possible FBW.
By   - none from manchester on 10/25/2019
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