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Spring in a bottle, such a nice true creamy lily of the valley. Reminds me of my mother, I feel loved every time I put it on. Lasts maybe a couple hours? longer than you'd think but not forever, and it fades nicely as it goes. Nothing synthetic-smelling.
By   - Business from Boston on 10/17/2020
A floral pearl. Absolutely lovely and welcoming, Light, deep and slightly sweet. It's like "fairy dust" .
By   - Secret from Country side on 6/27/2020
Clean and pure scents that follow you all day!
By   - Veterinarian from ft lauderdale on 4/19/2020
I have been on a magnolia kick this year, sampling scents w/ magnolia notes so got a tester here of Inflorescense. Wanted to like this & tried it several times! Love how it smells but not on me?! First hour, I smell like a Black Licorice factory. NO JOKE! It's not even like an anise note- more Eau de Black Vines. Finally I get a tiny bit of green & floral, mostly Jasmine which then rapidly fades. This is a good reminder to always test b4 you buy, especially with an $$ scent, even if it has fave notes & is from a fantastic house! Clearly something in this reacts very strangely with my chemistry. Sadly, a no go.
By   - Photographer/Riding Instructor/Marketing Manager from Fremont, CA on 9/23/2018
A Supreme floral....Perhaps Perfect. I ordered a sample and am now pondering buying a full bottle. You could layer deeper notes under this and have something different. But this floral is a rare and exquisite composition, able to mesmerize by its own accord.
By   - Artist from Huntington on 6/7/2018
Phenomenal complex beauty. Definitely feminine but not overpowering with the flowery potency, in my opinion. Absolutely a find for my collection, but Byredo is exceptional as always.
By   - Writer from Milwaukee on 3/17/2018
just wanted to update my last comments in the review. As lovely as this is in the opening, after about 2 hr it loses it's wow factor on me. It never goes funky or anything, but it dulls out quite a bit and becomes much more subdued which makes for a less enchanting effect. staying power is more like 2-4hrs so not horrible but not outstanding either. The lily of the valley note is quite well done though.
By   - . from Puerto Rico on 7/6/2017
This came as one of my free samples with a bottle purchase. I don't usually like floral scents much; they tend to be too overpowering for me. I prefer gourmand scents. However, I am so glad LS sent me this one It's so lovely! It opens with a very true lily of the valley note, which I absolutely adore. It's soft, feminine, and simply beautiful. After a while the other floral notes come around and add to the beauty of this simple floral bouquet. It never overpowers, never becomes too heady or sweet. Sillage is medium and lasting power is around 3-5 hrs on me. I am actually thinking I may want a full bottle. Try it if you love soft floral scents and even if you don't usually, as in my case.
By   - . from Puerto Rico on 6/10/2017
I'm usually not one to assign seasons to my fragrances...but this really does scream SPRING. It's fresh and pretty and very, very bright, almost vividly so. There is no sweetness, no headiness, it's not indolic at all. Everything is very clean, and even though every note is a flower, it's somehow not "too" floral. It's very natural smelling and wearable, although it must be said that you do really have to love flowers to like this. I would say sillage is moderate, about arms length, and longevity is strong, at least 8 hours. This is my preferred Byredo floral, over La Tulip and Inflorescence. There is a similar crispness, and to say again, brightness, with all of them, but I like the simplicity of this one best. Worth a try if you're looking for a clean, spring floral!
By   - from LA on 12/18/2014
I received a sample in my last order and was looking forward to trying it. I have smelt several of the Byredo perfumes in my local Mecca Cosmetica and thought they smelled heavenly, just my cup of tea. I don't think I would have especially picked out Infloresence (Pulp smelled more like my thing but went a bit nightmarish on my skin) but I have decided now to 'invest' in a bottle. This is divine, not the slightest bit overpowering but a sweet smelling floral. I don't think the sillage is great but 5 hours later I can still smell it on me. It is soft, rosey and reminds me of sweet white jasmine on a summer's gentle air. I feel I could spray this liberally over myself and my clothes and not feel overwhelmed, instead enveloped by a mid-afternoon summer's blooming garden. DIVINE.
By   - from Perth, Western Australia on 4/9/2014
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