Ilang Ivohibe

Eau de Toilette

by Parfumerie Generale

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A fairy tale union of Madagascan ylang-ylang, citrus orange and Egyptian jasmine, this is overwhelmingly…pretty. Twirl in your favorite sundress pretty, make heads whip around pretty, nothing overdone or dramatic pretty. Just…pretty! It's the poetic perfume of an imaginary flower…one that blooms on the fifth day of the fifth month every five years when the vanilla plants grow wild and thick around massive tree trunks. What that means we don't know, because this lovely fragrance is the fragrance of poetry, devil-may-care attitudes and bliss. Graceful, gentle and break-your-heart lovely.

Ilang Ivohibe  Notes

Madagascan ylang-ylang, California citrus orange, Egyptian jasmine, vanilla, tree woods, musk

Ilang Ivohibe Sizes Available
50ml $125
.7 ml
.7 ml Sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Ilang Ivohibe...
On me, a strange mixture of dad's shaving creme and 7up. Not a bad smell necessarily, just not something I'd want to smell like.
By   - Student on 2/16/2011
Thin, insipid, bland floral that Grandma might get at the drugstore. Love elderly people and would NEVER give up my Bonne Bell lipgloss from Shoppers Drugmart, but when I pay for niche fragrance I want more than this offers. Now Corps et Ames? THAT's a perfume!
By  on 2/4/2010
What a lovely fragrance! This is the kind of perfume you wear on your wedding day, its pure sunshine without being overly fresh or green. The orange flowers create a perfect combination with the beautiful jasmine and the Ylang Ylang is just stunning. If you look for some drama this is not your fragrance but if you look for the perfect summer scent, give this a go. It reminds me a little but of Jo Malone's Nectarine Blossom & Honey but this one is much better and more refined...
By  on 4/25/2009
Can't imagine who would find this masculine. This is about the most feminine perfume I own. Yes, there is a sandalwood-smelling base, so if you want to smell like pink bubble gum, no, it's not happening. Up top, loads of ylang, citrus and vanilla, as stated in the notes. It's a luscious summer scent, sunny and sultry, and no man I know would be caught wearing it, which is too bad for them!
By   - from New York on 9/15/2008
I don't think it's masculine at all--but if you like very floral, very feminine, sweet summer day fragrances--this one is not for you. It has a floral base but it is also very musky with a hint of vanilla--a very unusual and alluring combination. It's a grown-up mysterious floral and not for those looking to smell like a garden.
By   - from dc on 8/9/2008
Agree with others here about it's masculinity. I get salty sea breeze, which is not what I was looking for at all!
By  on 7/26/2008
did i receive the wrong sample??? possibly the least feminine fragrance i've ever worn, smells like men's cologne!
By  on 1/21/2007
This is utterly feminine. Like the description says--sot, gentle, light, feminine. I love it. Jasmine and Ylang-Ylang are supposed to be aphrodisiacs, btw. I believe it, I can't stop smelling my wrists!
By   - preschool teacher from Santa Monica, CA on 12/16/2006
so masculine and soapy. I would love this on my boyfriend, but definitely not for me!
By  on 12/13/2006
This is so pretty! The scent is a gorgeous tropical mixture of creamsicle notes (vanilla and sweet orange) as well as soft, subtle white florals. If you love Des Filles' Mon Ange, you should really try this - it's better!
By   - from NYC on 11/17/2006
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