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Tubereuse Couture

Eau de Parfum

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This is a lovely scent, well constructed with decent lasting power. But I have to throw in the towel on Tuberose (as I have with Iris and Violet, other flowers I love that I wish loved me back). I do get the other notes here, but the tuberose just never comes out of it's "bubble gum" phase on me and apparently that's the best I ever get with a good tuberose scent. My personality is sooooo not bubble gum so I shall pass on this one.
By   - Chef from Surrey on 1/21/2021
Very surprised by this one. I love Carnal Flower but there is something that keeps me from buying a full bottle. Now I know what it is, This is a younger, more interesting and fun tuberose that yields surprises as it lingers. Carnal Flower is so gorgeous but it is less playful. I think I have to buy this. Lasting and lovely. Even the grape bubble gum that flits in here and there is somehow shockingly welcome. Enjoyed it earlier on the springtime NYC sunny streets.
By   - Cable Television Manager from New York on 5/7/2019
Extremely sexy wild strawberry. But don't smell it in the first minute
By   - household  from Seattle on 11/26/2017
Immediately spectacular. Tuberose mixed into Prosecco, green swirly minty cool, unusual for this theme. Love at first sight/sniff.
By   - artist from Brooklyn on 8/25/2017
Stunning tuberose. Huge scent trail. Gorgeous like Hawaii.
By   - mommy on 5/20/2015
This smells like a stale jolly rancher to me. Cloyingly sweet and with seeming heavy artifice, the way one reads fruit notes from candy. On the dry down some more complex notes open up but still feels very heavy handed and inexpensive. Perhaps this reads differently on others' skin but on mine it was not elegant or enticing which is a shame, because done differently- tuberose is a favorite note for me. And I love Parfumerie Generale! Oh well, they have so many lovely ones there are bound to be a few that don't sit well.
By   - designer from providence on 8/21/2014
This fragrance must be one of those that reacts very differently on different skins. On me it is absolutely cloying - tuberose and ylang ylang with a butteriness that is so heavy it's literally like buttered popcorn. And not in a good way. Headachey, not pretty, not sexy.
By   - marketer on 6/27/2011
Nauseating perfume. For some manufactories should be forbidden to use the tuberose. Somebody should be very skilled and expert to use this beautiful flower.
By   - artist from NYC on 3/25/2011
I really wanted more of the papyrus/green notes, but I dind't get them. The sweetness in this fragrance is really heavy; I had to wash it off after 30 min, I just couldn't take any more.
By   - Fin Analyst from San Jose on 2/24/2011
I have never tried a perfume that hated my chemistry as much as Tubereuse Couture does. It smells like I'm pressing my nose to a fresh cigarette burn on a vinyl car seat. So disappointing...
By   - Student, 23 on 2/16/2011
For the most part, PG scents are excellent and I enjoy them, but every so often I find one that is just terrible. This is one of those. Headache inducing, sorry to say. The initial blast was nice and unexpected, but as it wore on, it was just too much for me. I've never tried tuberose before and thought I'd see what the fuss was about. :/
By   - from Canada on 8/31/2010
Will buy a full bottle. This is sooo beautiful. I'm totally addicted.
By   - Self Employed from Sturgis,sd on 6/21/2010
I adore this perfume and always receive a lot of compliments when I wear it! I admit, that although I'm a tuberose fan, a lot of them can be really heavy and headache inducing. Even though tuberose is definitely the main star in Tubereuse Couture, the sugar cane adds a candied dimension that lifts it and keeps it fresh. It's perfection and it's in my top 3 favorite tuberose scents along with Carnal Flower and Beyond Love.
By   - Pharmacist from San Francisco on 4/12/2010
Beautiful and complex, sweet, but not cloying...love it!
By  on 3/2/2010
to add to my post below, this has insane longevity to the point that it's ridiculous imo...over 24 hrs. and it hasn't really softened. some may love that, i personally find it a bit scary.
By  on 10/23/2009
Wow! This would be a beautiful scent for spring/summer or maybe year round if you live in CA or FL or HI, etc. This reminds me of Hawaii-gorgeous. Words like clear & high (pitched) come to mind & it's not too sweet or strong nor does it have a buttery or aggressive feel. It's also not boring or "ladylike" or stuffy or perfumey. To me this is stunning. PG makes a candle in this scent as well. This is my favorite tuberose scent-above Carnal Flower, Caron, Serge Lutens, etc. This house is also becoming a fast favorite- just when I was starting to go purely natural w/my scents. Oh well, no headaches or any other problems w/this premier line.
By  on 10/11/2009
This is a most unusual take on tuberose; it starts with a crisp, grassy note & I can imagine it being worn by a man, then the sweetness of the sugar cane comes through, & it dries down into a benzoin-infused floweriness a couple of hours later. Beautifully constructed & very wearable for daytime.
By   - from southampton uk on 9/12/2009
The rare scent that smells like nothing else except itself. At first, I didn't know what to make of it -- like my mind expects scents which produce clear images instead of shifting colors and patterns. I like to imagine that this scent smells like the actual root origin of tuberose (where Fracas would be the inside of the root all cut up and dressed up). I love, love, love Fracas; and I love this because it isn't anything like Fracas.
By   - law student from nashville on 6/16/2008
Absolutely beautiful, alive, fresh and very wearable tuberose. Not heavy or cloying at all. Very sheer and natural. I think it is the sugarcane that "lifts" the heavyness of tuberose and makes it so fresh.
By   - from Seattle on 10/18/2007
One of the most wearable tubereuse perfumes in the niche market. Very smooth and non-edgy. Highly recommended for evenings or even the office.
By   - from canada on 7/5/2007
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