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Fantastic! Getting some champagne scent in my head trying it at first but since I used to be around barrels at fall filling them with "grape juice", this one definitely smells like a good and ripe intoxicating manna! Heavenly and sexy.
By   - from NYC on 9/30/2014
The term honeyed ‘burnt jam’ musk above describes this well. I find more of a gourmand fragrance here than anything else. Leather? Yes, it's there, but its not a good leather and the gourmand is what holds this together. I'm not a food scent fan by any means but this one, with the honey, dried fruits smell is one of the better gourmands. I think it's well worth purchasing a sample, this could be a front runner for those of you who like honeyed scents. As for leather. I'm thinking hot plastic, fortunately it's barely there. Give it a try.
By   - teacher from Northern VA on 6/20/2012
Etrangement, je n'ai absolument pas perçu la note de cuir de cette composition. Sur ma peau, c'est la myrrhe qui domine, entêtante et liquoreuse au point d'en devenir écoeurante.
By   - from Paris on 2/19/2012
I'm a sucker for leather (and hay, and tobacco, and vetiver), so I'll sample nearly anything with "cuir" in it. Of all those I've tried, this is my least favorite. If there's leather here, it's buried in a chemical-y, pseudo-sweet smell reminiscent of grape and lime Kool-Aid with a touch of coconut oil. I had heard other perfume nerds talk about huffers and scrubbers, and I never really understood the latter until now.
By   - Game designer from Seattle on 7/4/2011
Received my full flacon of CUIR VENENUM today (unsniffed!). I really am falling in love with it. It possesses a VERY true and authentic orange blossom note, which, as it dries down, begins to take on a natural fruity tinge... the slight grape-y whiff that one encounters in peach orchards abloom, or the purple clusters of Texas mountain laurel in late spring. This floralcy is wedded to a most intelligent "dirty" yet subtle leather note. It is not an exaggeration to suggest that CUIR VENENUM is the spiritual grandchild of the great floral/leathers of midcentury, like JOLIE MADAME, MY SIN and Chanel CUIR DE RUSSIE. In far drydown, CUIR VENENUM begins to smell like a lush, expensive suntan lotion (recalling that neroli note that characterized 1960's SEA & SKI). All in all this is a remarkable, evocative, unusual and dignified Unisex floral/leather. Pierre Guillaume is just a young man... but he is evidently a very good nose. Highly recommended. The perfect Spring/Summer scent.
By   - graphic artist/musician/actor from boerne, TX USA on 3/20/2011
This is absolutely luscious! I find all the notes of Cuir Venenum to be so spontaneous and joyful. If this were a drink, I'd always be tipsy. The leather note is definitely there... for ones' self or those lucky to get close... like a little secret wink. Gorgeous!
By   - from Mt. Lebanon, PA on 12/9/2010
This one instantly repelled me in the first few seconds after applying: too metallic, too astringent, too much. But then, presto! A soft, cool, mentholated floral presence began to emerge and, suddenly, I could not stop sniffing my wrist. This is both a love and a hate fragrance for me. Compelling.
By   - Acting Teacher from Yakima on 3/10/2010
I love reading reviews. Contrary to one below, Coco Chanel this is not. Not even remotely. It is abstract art, exaggerated but persuasive. If you’re seeking a refined leather, move on. This one is quirky and fun.
By   - from TN on 11/30/2009
Being over 40, I like more substantial scents. The fruit makes this a summer scent for me, without smelling light or frivolous. Orange blossom softens and sweetens the citrus tang, and the leather makes it so much more grown-up. The leather is more in evidence during initial application and drydown, and also stays better on my husband. There is a definite sweet fruit component to this perfume. If you're looking for a primarily leather scent and can't deal with fruit or sweetness, I'd look elsewhere. If those aspects aren't a problem and you want a complex summer scent with interesting dimensions, this might be a dream come true.
By   - writer from Boulder on 7/2/2009
Umm, in a nutshell? ...latex and Dimetapp that fades softly into a little girl's stationary scent. The leather just barely, barely, strains to come through at the end, when the scent discorporates into the ether like you never even applied it. The "orangey bandaids" comment basically captures it, although I'm definitely smelling Bubblicious-type fake grape here. On me, at first this smells wholly sterile (literally, like a hospital: gauze, ace bandages, and medical tape are the base notes) topped with a latexy-sweet fake grape top note. Mostly yucky. That fades (I would say, thankfully, but it doesn't get any better as it develops) into a sweet, Rubj-esque candy orange and glycerin eraser (you know the kind that only actually smear the pencil all over the page?) "flavor" that smells to me like the scented pages of a diary I had as an 8 year-old. Not entirely awful, just, well, weird and never something I want to wear.
By   - student from Chicago on 3/2/2009
Vaguely orangey bandaids.
By  on 2/17/2009
Right out of the bottle my wife was reminded of a crate of fresh wine grapes – sweet and succulent, but with complex under notes, wood, vine and musk. Interesting that someone said Welch’s. The orange blossom comes on strong and sweet, but mellows quickly to a complex delicious honey and caramel. Soft herbal notes keep it interesting. This is a beautiful rich and sensuous scent. I am giving 4 stars only because of the rather short lasing power.
By  on 11/3/2008
This stuff is weirdly compelling. It reminds me of the way (circa late 70's) the really cool girls in high school/middle school used to smell after sneaking cigarettes in the bathroom between classes. An illicit mixture of smoke, warmth, skin, sweetness, and somewhat witchy bravado. Kind of bohemian, a little bit jaded, tending towards kohl eyeliner and (shoplifted) matte red lipstick. Probably spent some of the night before on the back of a motorcycle, pressed up tight against a black leather jacket. Seductive, but in a have-a-quick- one-up-against-the-cigarette-machine kind of way. (He's not going to call you back, unless it's to ask if he can crash on your couch for awhile.) Fascinating stuff, but probably only wearable in a limited range of circumstances.
By   - pilates instructor from Los Angeles on 5/29/2008
Welch's juice in fragrance form. Weird!
By   - Atty. from NYC on 4/16/2008
Very sweet and very purple. It smelled just like I imagine the bottle of Stella McCartney's fragrance would taste like. Could not find a leather connection to it.
By   - healthcare professional from goleta on 3/24/2008
Disclaimer-this review is based solely to this perfume as it smells when combined with my own chemistry. YMMV. Upon initial application I get hints of leather and myrrh, but this is overpowered by fermented honey. In fact, it reminds me of honey beer; I smell hops. In the drydown all that's left is the sweet smell of fermented honey. It appears to have decent staying power, though not much sillage. Definitely not for everyone, get the sample first.
By   - from Reston, VA on 12/19/2007
Like many who visit this site, I am on a quest to find what I hope will become a "signature scent" for this phase of my life. In this round of sample orders I decided to focus on the leather category, so Cuir Venenum was one of my choices. After reading the Luckyscent description, I really wanted to like this, however, I find it to be just okay. At first application I was a little disappointed to find that the leather, which is supposed to be that main focus, hardly came through at all. Instead a very sweet smokiness emerged that I could have lived with if it would have stayed that way, however, the scent seemed to trail off into a kind of candy-like smell on my wrist that became a little to "cute". I'm searching for something that smolders.
By   - Fortune teller from Washington, DC on 11/7/2007
why oh why do i blindly follow the advise of my beloved luckyscent..instead of reading the reviews from people that have actually SMELLED this?? my god,its bourbon street at sun up on ash wednsday!!!so awful i want to cry, another $3 down the loo..where this one is going... i dont even have the nads to give it away!!
By   - know it all from o.c. on 7/24/2007
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