Pierre Guillaume Paris, Parfumerie Generale

Le Musc & La Peau

Eau de Parfum

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A very nice and pleasant fragrance, but generic, and oh so bland. Nothing exceptional, nothing unique, but probably would not be offensive for any occasion.
By   - accountant from St.Augustine on 10/1/2021
Like many of my other samples, I feel compelled to write another review now that I have mini spray bottles and am spraying rather than dabbing on my samples. This is still a very lovely scent, however once it's sprayed it smells much, MUCH more masculine on me with the cedar coming through to the forefront. So this went from being "you smell good" to "you smell like you spent the night at a new man's house and used his soap and deodorant in the morning". That being said I would 100% buy this for the man in my life but I would not wear it myself. Guys, this is the absolute perfect signature scent if you're looking for something subtle and a little sexy.
By   - Chef from Vancouver on 1/15/2020
As faint as this scent is on me (I have a sample and I feel this is one that needs to be sprayed for best effect) I still absolutely adore it. None of the notes spring to the foreground, for me this perfume is just the ultimate "you smell good!" without the person realizing I'm wearing any scent at all. This is the sort of scent I'd want in a body lotion as well, as I think this would layer incredibly well with some of my other scents.
By   - Chef from Vancouver on 11/14/2019
I adore Parfumerie Generale but tend to dislike floral white musks, so this was always going to be an interesting tug-of-war. (If you’re a florals-and-white-musk fan, add a star to my rating.) It’s certainly well-constructed, with an airy amber-inflected base underneath a series of bright floral notes that keep great company with bergamot’s salt aspect and some particularly twinkly aldehydes. I never did warm to it as a skin scent, though, and a fairly speedy fadeout tells me I probably wouldn’t turn to it for any other purpose.
By   - editor from Seattle on 5/29/2019
My big issue with fragrances right now is I cannot find one fragrance that doesn't remind me of another brand. The second I smelled Le Musc and La Peau it reminded me of JEAN PAUL GAULTIER which is classified as a sharp, oriental, floral fragrance with a blend of fresh spicy amber, vanilla and wood. Disappointed.
By   - Homemaker from Charlotte on 2/9/2019
This fragrance is heavenly. I always get compliments when I wear it. People tell me it smells fresh and clean on me., and it last all day. I just love it.
By   - Parenting  from Houston TX on 9/11/2017
For me this is a nice scent, but just too hard to "find" on my skin. It is too faint. But it is very smooth, and a great day scent, seasonless I would say. I just need more power.
By   - writer from Chicago on 5/19/2017
Simply magical. I love skin scents and white musks-- All that Matters, Il Parfumo's Musc Bleu and Muschio Nobile are some of my favorites. But this is next level. I absolutely LOVE it!
By   - psychologist from Washington on 5/18/2017
Very pretty scent, slightly sweet floral with musk. It's a very easy scent to wear but it does not last at all. At this price I don't find this special enough to buy a full bottle of.
By   - Marketing Executive from Bedminster, NJ on 3/3/2017
There are certain adornments that I am constantly in search: the perfect dark red lipstick, the perfect hair brush, the delicate silk bra, and the perfect musk scent. This is it. It is so delicious, I have a hard time leaving my own house. Soft, but not wimpy; clean but not soapy. It is perfection in a bottle. I was so overwhelmed when I smelled it, I immediately put down the bottle of "Queen of the Night", and asked for this. So so good.
By   - Attorney from Los Angeles on 9/30/2016
Have to say this house deserves kudos just for this perfume only. Really beautiful extraction of the milky aspects from another perfume of theirs called Musc Maori. Aldehydes are a plenty and that might be the only negative thing here. Could've reduced its quantity though.
By   - IT from Camp Hill on 7/23/2016
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