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Vanilla for fellas I suppose, "Felanilla." At first I really disliked this scent. The opening is challenging, funky, medicinal and not vanillaish at all. Then a deep vanilla note shows itself. Final drydown is a very nice, woody soft vanilla scent. The hay note is really nice here, smelling of hayrides on a cool evening.
By   - Lawyer from Tallahassee, FL on 8/30/2020
Scent as riddle: When is a banana not a banana, when is vanilla not sweet and smoky, when is iris not chilly? The answer's in the bottle and it includes the word "hay." The first moments of Felanilla are possibly more "oh, interesting" than "oh, I never want to leave this place" (for some; I'm quite happy there), but within a minute or two you're embarking on one of the great drydown paths in modern perfume, with gratifyingly low sillage (because who tells a riddle to an entire room full of people?) and beautiful enveloping warmth. One of the greats.
By   - editor from Seattle on 1/26/2017
Chemical first whiff, then fermented blackcurrants and chalky pink candies from an ancient, abandoned sweets shop of the 1950s. Dries immediately down to Granny's powdery sock drawer, and then about an hour later becomes more appealing, rich and ripe, if POLO for women was a good thing. Arf.
By   - from Portland on 1/23/2015
give this one time it warms UP a bit like chantilly but a richer chantilly and do NOT get put off by that it is warm close to skin and not like a huge vanila milkshake sweetness sexy stuff
By   - talent agent from st pete on 9/21/2014
Stunning and delicious, one of the very best vanilla perfumes out there. The hay note is a nice touch. It balances the fragrance and helps you to not want to gnaw on your own arm.
By   - broker on 9/9/2014
Ce sont d'abord les notes un peu poussiéreuses du bois de bananier qui dominent. Puis elles s'estompent au profit d'une vanille "tempérée", ni trop ronde ni trop sèche, à laquelle le safran confère du moelleux. Une vanille un peu rétro qui réussit la prouesse d'être à la fois douce et râpeuse, sombre et lumineuse...
By   - from Paris on 2/25/2012
As many other people have posted, it's very antiseptic when it's first sprayed on, but you still get a small hint of smoky vanilla. However, it evaporated almost immediately, so I never got to experience the wonderful dry-down others have experienced. I even tried mixing it with ambers, but because it's so medicinal at first, it didn't belnd well either. If you're looking for a smoky vanilla, go with L'Artisan Havana instead.
By   - Non-Profit Founder from San Jose, CA on 2/10/2011
On my skin this starts out uninteresting (& almost imperceptible - unusual for a Parf Gen frag with me). With time, however this evolves into something entirely different and unexpected. This really is an adult, un-sugary vanilla that ends up passing through several amazing stages; it never devolves into really sweet nor too dry. Too bad it remained so close to the skin, so low volume, so barely there on me. In any case, 4 stars cause it's pure art. Would be really great on a guy!
By   - from Somewhere in Florida on 4/17/2010
I love vanillas but the banana wood in this totally ruins it for me. This note is too prominent and makes the whole composition smell like musty plastic. There is a warmth there from the saffron and orris but the banana wood is making me feel queasy. Even after i washed it off my arm, I can smell a base of musty dirty bananas. YUK
By   - admin from melb on 11/12/2009
feline indeed. Theres an animal purring somewhere. I'm guessing theres civet in this, it also has a nice incens accord that blend fairly well with the vanilla. This is not a shy one, and not for people who like their vanillas innocent and clean.
By  on 11/5/2009
First let me say this is a work of art type of fragrance. The vanilla/amber/hay notes form a comfy warm sweet homey base which contrasts with a very animalic opening. Accent notes of saffron and iris adds a sharp, quickened saffron edge to the complete opposite scent of a slow motion iris. This saffron/iris combination smells strangely feline and animalic. A slow relaxed purring with very alert wide eyed sharpness. Feline and vanilla, hence the name - Felanilla. The iris never really leaves during the drydown leaving a hint od an ancient lost Guerlain classic of some sort or another with its sultry vanilla/iris guerlainade lingering.
By   - artist from Next to Normal on 10/23/2009
Weird - Odd - Weird - Odd. Did I mention weird ? The drydown is an exquisite wood tone vanilla though but the journey to get there has already been described.
By   - Fireman from Southern on 8/19/2009
Modern Shalimar. The topnotes are a bit scary, so medicinal and chemical, but after that it´s simply beautiful!
By  on 7/30/2009
Wonderful! It's very animalic on the opening and the vanilla comes out later. It is not sweet or foody. Very unique, beautiful and feline!
By   - Retired Programmer from Columbus on 2/10/2009
fella vanilla! lol - I get it now. This is a lovely vanilla perfume analogue of 'vanilla' as an explored note... And it is mature and grown-up; no cupcakes here. It is a 'nilla for fellas. Has a nice aftershave/cologne effect, like a gentleman's vanilla. Nicely unisex though. I can't help thinking the slight growl to it reminds me of Vincent from 'Beauty and the Beast', Ron Perlman's excellent portrayal of the lionman with the feline wild attributes who has more self-control than most men, very cultured and suave. I honestly cannot understand the online giggles about the 'name'... nothing about this scent reminds me of oral sxx. Juvenile minds? Lack of vanillin overdose makes this drier and less sweet than most. If you want a cultured vanilla that is good for a lady but also wearable by a fellow, Serge's Un Bois Vanille is more dry, vanilla-oriented and less wild than this one. Doesn't work on me, but I would LOVE to smell this on a guy. My female roommate loves it and it works on her skin wonderfully; she wears 'male' perfumes equally as well as 'girls'.
By   - artist from Hedwig Village on 2/1/2009
Finally. A 'big girl' vanilla. If you've ever been tempted to dab a few drops of actual vanilla extract behind your ears, this is for you. It has the lovely, spicey, woodsy aroma of the actual vanilla plant. And there's nary a whiff of 'Nilla Wafer in sight. Really like this. Great comfort scent with just a wee bit of an edge. Whereas L'Artisan's Vanilla disappointed me with its undercurrent of ashtray, Felanilla is just purrrrrrfect.
By   - Energy Analyst from Denver, CO on 12/8/2008
I thought immediately when I put it on It smelled vaguely familiar..I think it smells like Chantilly, with a dark note, like patcholli or amber, so I call this one Chantilly Dark. Not a bad smell, just probably not my first pick, although Chantilly was my first perfume.
By   - Real estate Agent, mother of 4 from Iowa on 12/4/2008
I agree that this scent definitely smells a little like antiseptic before the dry down. However afterwords its wonderfully woodsy-vanilla with a distinct note of iris that makes it refreshing and comforting at the same time. Its not exactly my thing, but I could see this being lovely on someone a bit more outdoorsy than myself.
By   - from seattle on 11/24/2008
This is a scent that does not mesh with my body chemistry. It is kind of medicinal at the 1st wift, 2nd wift, and 3rd wift. This one simply stinks!!! Not a good buy for me. I do not smell any of the notes independently. Just not a good mix!!!!
By   - atty from dc on 11/22/2008
This is a spicey soft vanilla, with a touch of amber, along with a dirty iris note to my nose....not a sweet vanilla, unique...my on complaint....does not last long on the skin:(
By  on 11/19/2008
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