Suede Osmanthe Sizes Available:
50ml $120
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Suede Osmanthe...
This is one of my favorite fragrances, ever. PG is also one of my favorite houses. Suede Osmanthe is smooth, slightly sweet, well-composed and very comforting. The LS description is spot-on. If you like the notes listed above, you really should give this a try. It's absolutely, perfectly beautiful.
By   - Perfumista from New England on 9/26/2020
Stunning opening, loads of suede and soft cashmere that quickly descends into a strange artificially flavored peachy/apricot tea that leans soapy. Suede Osmanthe would be a brilliant perfume if the apricot notes were dropped. Good little tea scent otherwise especially the smoky notes at the end. Longevity of the apricot notes lasted about 4 hours too many and overall a good 8 hours.
By   - Office Manager from Williamsburg on 1/1/2020
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