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I think Dirtyboy's review nailed it perfectly. This perfume is perfect for both Catholic mass and seduction. You can take Isparta anywhere. Love it!
By   - Perfumista from Oregon on 1/13/2018
I LOVE this perfume! What a surprise this is. I love the opening-the crisp berries and rose, and the woodsy/spiciness of it. Everything is a 10 out of 10-from the opening to the drydown. It's not too sweet, but just right. Also, I wholeheartedly agree with Dirtyboy's review. This is my next full bottle purchase. It's simply delectable.
By   - Me from San Diego on 8/17/2017
This one is sweet and chewy and when I am in the right mood, perfection. It is nothing like Portrait of a Lady to me. PoaL is rich, dark, mysterious; laden with a dark patchouli that comes in and out of prominence, along with the rose and the wood. Isparta is the best rose macaron you ever had. I love them both, but for entirely different reason. (I would never want to *eat* PoaL. Isparta makes me want to chew on my arm. (And I am not a gourmand lover normally.) It is a bit fleeting.
By   - Writer and teacher from Cambridge on 5/23/2016
I agree with the previous reviewer that this has remarkable similarities with Portrait of a Lady, which I also adore. Isparta is much juicier, and reminds me of blackberries ripening past recognition in the sun on their vines, intermingled with the dark red roses and dry woody spices that nearly resemble POAL. I am in love with POAL's dryness and potency, but at exactly half the price, Isparta is definitely worth trying.
By   - Consumptive Waif from Los Angeles on 4/5/2016
oh god i love isparta . 1st thing i thought was portrait of a lady but BETTER . my gripe with poal is that its so big and loud , the patchouli is so intense , rose is so dry but i still love it . i always wished that the rose in the malle perfume was moister and the red berries were sweeter . isparta is exactly , i mean like 100% exactly , what id wished for . the rose here is delicious , red , moist , very very jammy n sweet . its not powdery nor is it a light tea rose . this sh t is superb . the halfway point and drydown is a bit different from that delicious thick rose jam opening though . its more chouli/mild oud/rose with benzoin bein a lil more dominant . this is also where isparta greatly differs from portrait of a lady . isparta is waaaaaaaay better , imo . i cant enough of that delicious rose , its almost like u wanna eat it . highest 5 outta 5 possible
By   - horny pizzaboy from chicago on 9/12/2014
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