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L'ombre fauve makes me think of chocolate vanilla incense. it's strong, pretty masculine I think, and lasts a long time.
By   - designer from diessen on 3/5/2017
Like sweetened sawdust on the wind. Very sly, dusty, sensual. Jasmine-cistus combo upfront, balanced by leather, amber, and musk. It did NOT remind me of Musc Ravageur, as some reviewers suggest - this doesn't quite have that much sexy animalic skank. Rather, it could be a brother to L'Air du Desert Marocain - both are very similar.
By   - Fish Gutter from Nowhere on 9/25/2015
I'm running low on my beloved Richwood (down to my last 20ml) and am rationing as much as I can. I asked Luckyscent for a sample that might be a little comparable (I'm trying to forego buying another bottle of Richwood right away). This was perfect. I like gourmand and vanilla fragrances, high quality tuberose fragrances, or fragrances with musk/sandalwood/patchouli. Most sweet/gourmand fragrances miss the "oomph" or depth that I'm looking for (no depth/no wear), while some sandalwood/patchouli scents go head-shop and dirty on me. L'Ombre Fauve presents the right kind of balance. It develops a sweet and earthy balance that I could wear on a daily basis, and feel incredibly sexy with a ladylike softness. Great job, LS, you really know what you're doing. I'll be buying this with my next paycheck.
By   - Attorney and fragrance freak from Washington, DC on 4/22/2015
L'Ombre Fauve rates among my top 10 fragrances. Sillage is moderate (I apply with a light hand) but longevity is beastly category, so it keeps me happy all day. I love incense fragrances, and this one is VERY incense, but it's less sweet than many others. This dryness translates well to unisex, in my view. This is a persistent and comforting smoky aroma, akin to what you find in the echoing stillness of a European cathedral in winter.
By   - Nusring Student from Texas on 11/16/2014
gorgeous. smooth. patchouli at its best.
By  on 9/17/2014
Overwhelming powdery amber and animalic scent. Muddy and musty, without any hint of patch or incense. Not sexy-spicy, but very femme.
By   - Whisperer from Northeast on 7/6/2014
I hate to say it, but the one reminded me of the smell of a wed dog...or some other wet animal. I really wanted to like it, but I just couldn't get past that wet animal fur smell. Perhaps it's just me, as lots of other folks seem to really dig it. Oh well.
By   - Musician/IT Support Analyst from Boston on 12/13/2013
Heaven in a bottle. Think old furry sweater in which you have worn your favorite "warm" scents (amber, musk, incense), you may have snuggled next to a fire in this sweater, it may have spent a lot of time in a damp forest, and spent some time on a very old hardwood floor. The initial smell is sour and sharp. Don't bother. Let it settle in and prepare yourself for the snuggliest, most comforting scent your nose has ever had the pleasure of inhaling.
By   - bureaucrat from washington, dc on 6/8/2013
I agree with the other reviewer - it is very similar to Musc Ravageur. But this is much smoother. Musc Ravageur is pretty "in-your-face" and this is...and I can't even articulate it effectively...it's more of a feeling...like the warmth of someone else's skin against yours after you have been under the covers for a while.
By   - lawyer from norfolk, VA on 10/9/2012
To me this scent is one of the most horrible ones i have ever had the misfotune to come across. The amber is so overpowering that the ony thing i can think of is an old lady from the 20's who mixed up her perfume with some funiturepolish and poured it all over herself. It's absolutely overwhelming and not in a good way. If you're in to chanel no 5 and the like, this might be something, but to me it's just too much amber, sweat and overall heaviness.
By   - Psychologystudent from Gothenburg, Sweden on 8/6/2012
This to me, smells just like Frederic Malle's Musc Ravageur after dry down. It's cozy lovely seduction in a bottle. Go get it.
By   - from Melbourne, Australia on 6/26/2012
I desperately wanted to love this but when I put it on it smelled like a family of ferrets living in a cedar chest. Eventually it dried down to smell like the really old uncle no one wants to hug at the family reunion. However, it does have great staying power; I had to use a vegetable brush and dawn dishsoap to scrub it off. Try the sample before buying the bottle.
By   - writer from USA on 6/25/2012
I can't stop smelling my wrist. I have to have this! It's flat out beautiful.
By   - lawyer from San Diego on 4/7/2012
I thought this fragrance was very soft and close to skin, when I walked into an office, 3-4 hours after putting it on, and a coworker asked me what I was wearing. I said it was a sample, and she replied "Well, go and buy it. It's amazing!" So, of course I went out and bought it and never regretted it since. It's a warm amber with lots of patchouli, but has as others said, a dirty undertone. If you're looking for a preppy, business like amber, this is not it. This is sensual, sexy, earthy. One of my fave scents and most used bottles, with very good lasting power -and obviously- sillage:)
By   - Computer engineer from greece on 8/11/2011
this is the best PG scent ever..and i have tried them all...sensual, erotic, long lasting..love it!
By   - professor from midwest on 3/14/2010
Love it!
By   - Attorney on 3/13/2010
I have many fabulous fragrances in my collection, but this one...oh, my! It starts out with an odd combination of spicy and antiseptic on me--there's something sharp but not unpleasant in the opening notes. Then a bit (just a a bit) of powder comes into play, and the deeper notes of the amber and resins warm on the skin and start to show themselves. Within fifteen minutes it's mellowed into an absolutely amazing blend of spicy, woody, sultry goodness with just a touch of wild animal to it. Words honestly can't do it justice--if you like spicy amber and patchouli fragrances, or are looking for something exotic and rich with a hint of the bestial, then sample this. It is exquisite, and worth every penny.
By   - nurse from Northern Michigan on 3/22/2009
Breathtaking!! This is a truly beautiful perfume. The musk, amber, woods create a perfectly balanced and deeply sensual fragrance.
By   - from On the shores of Lake Superior!! on 9/17/2008
amazing!! soft, warm, amber-y and subtly spicy with the occasional whiff of...dirty sweaty animal. I know it sounds really gross but it isn't. it just adds the slightest touch of raunchiness to this elegant, graceful and unusual scent.
By   - dancer from new york on 8/30/2008
One of the best scents I've ever tried. Warm and wonderful with staying power to boot!
By  on 7/10/2008
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