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I ordered the discovery set. This line has a very distinct signature to the bouquet, that doesn’t smell like any other fragrance line I am familiar with, such that they smell like variations of the same scent. Although sold as unisex, most of them smell very masculine to me. This one (as well as Poudre de Riz and L’Eau de Circe) leans more unisex, but is still more masculine than I care to wear. For Komorebi, I don’t smell any of the individual scents for more than a fraction of a second. They waft in and out of each other, and never so individually/unblended that you can identify them before they drift away again. Perfect name for the fragrance.
By   - Anonymous from DC on 5/14/2020
I'm not getting the mint, but everything else in the description comes through. There is nothing about this scent that I don't like, but I'm not in love with any part of it either. It seems like it's trying not too offend anyone. If you work in an office, this would be a great scent. Is that even an endorsement, though?
By   - potter from philly on 3/5/2019
My first thought upon my very first whiff of Komorebi was simply: "ineffable." True to its name, it embodies the play of light and shadow as the sun dapples through the trees -- woody, airy, and green, opening with a fresh, sophisticated mint that flickers back and forth between hints of black currant and tonka. Dries down into a mildly sweet (but not at all sugary) woody musk. Komorebi is an uplifting, joyous experience, from its first bright notes to its luminous last.
By   - editor from SoCal on 9/25/2018
This fragrance is full-bottle worthy. It is complex, but not loud; soft, but not wimpy; and--my favorite--not a sillage monster. It entertains you and makes you feel sexy and clever but not alarm others. It smells both woody (thanks to hazelnut and oak, which smells more like bark, not the nut) and fresh. Reseda (which I know only as a town in the San Fernando Valley) is also known as mignonette, a richly fragrant, clean, fresh scent. The mint is very fleeting, but still, adds to the freshness. Lovely!
By   - Writer from Phoenix on 9/2/2018
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