Intrigant Patchouli

Eau de Parfum

by Parfumerie Generale

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The Scoop

Intrigant Patchouli takes you by the hand, puts a bejeweled scarf around your shoulders and leads you east to the land of A Thousand and One Nights…this is a many-hued patchouli that's definitely not what you're used to. Blazing ginger, spicy cinnamon and a musky patchouli open this's incredibly exotic, we could almost swear there was nag champa in it. Before we could make up our minds, a soft amber, benzoin and honeyed vanilla drifted into the mix on a bed of soft, satin-like powder. Very elegant and dark without being dangerous, this one reminds us of a perfect classic French perfume…its complexities unfold slowly, tantalizing at first with its fiery, earthy delights, then softly soothing with its seductive embrace.

Intrigant Patchouli  Notes

patchouli, Mysore sandalwood, benzoin, citrus/hesperides, cinnamon, amber, musk, vanilla, honey

Intrigant Patchouli Sizes Available
50ml $125
.7 ml
.7 ml Sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Intrigant Patchouli...
I really disliked this one. It's a rip off after Joop and if you like Joop, you will like this scent. As for me, let's just say, we are not a match. it.
By   - web admin from Brooklyn on 5/16/2016
Whatever it smells like, "patchouli" is misleading to this patch lover. Some ingredient, or combo thereof(likely the cinnamon/benzoin/vanilla/musk, smells like it is heavy on the salicylates(think a powdery salonpas pain patches or wintergreen) and it stays this way for quite a while until its powdery, vanillic, musky drydown. I can sort of see the stretch to nag champa. I was hoping for a warmed-up patchouli. It wasn't a scrubber, but not at all what i was expecting.
By   - RN from NYC on 9/25/2015
I'm bummed. I wanted to like it. I am enthalled by other PG scents. But this one, like other reviewers have said, is just too powdery. I don't get patchouli! Some people complain about the hippie head-shop patchouli smell, but I love it and that's what I was hoping this would smell more of. Bois 1920 Real Patchouly is still #1 on my patchouli list.
By   - lawyer from San Diego on 4/25/2012
Was anxious to try this fragrance, however, upon application was very disappointed. All I could smell was powder and more powder.
By   - from Baltimore on 3/5/2012
Amazing! This is the scent of forest floors. I love this so much. The honey is smooth and not that pronounced. It's not too animalic. Very nice cinnamon patchouli blend with sandalwood lingering.
By  on 8/12/2011
Wow! What an incredible perfume!!! Upon initial application this smells just like patchouli antique by Les Nereides, which I love. After a few moments a very powdery floral comes into play, making the mixture smell like somebody left a pot of talc in their attic for half a century! Give it a couple more minutes and it completely transforms into the pure fragrance of Nag Champa incense...One of the most beautiful fragrances in the world and my absolute favourite incense! I want a big bottle of this stuff!!!
By   - Artist from Grantham on 7/22/2011
First hit, sweet and lovely, alive and full of charms. Upon dry down, just too powdery pour moi. What gives that powdery bit? Iris?? Wanted the sweetness to continue. Alas . . .
By   - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 3/28/2009
sexy. rich. dramatic. will definitely turn heads... this one has presence. there is something dark and mysterious about this one... it got my heart racing....
By   - agent from st pete on 8/5/2008
Starts with an almost sour note. It develops into a softer easier on the nose scent but nothing unique or outstanding.
By  on 3/1/2008
Very pure patchouli from the outset, but not overpowering or medicinal like so many patchouli fragrances are. The patchouli is offset by a dirty animal musk which is definitely intriguing. As it develops it softens into the musk with some indian spices that give this a warm incensey vibe. One of the best and most interesting patcholi scents ever.
By   - artist from Oklahoma City on 1/10/2008
Nothing special on me. I thought I would like it when I first applied it but it smelled like something an elderly woman would wear after a few minutes. I had to wash this one off.
By  on 1/29/2007
This starts out smelling overpowering and sweet/incensey like when you first walk into a head shop that sells incense, etc. It mellows out and is nice but doesn't smell very refined like Jalaine's Patchouli does.
By  on 1/3/2007
Wonderful!! I just got my sample yesterday and I am totally intoxicated by this scent. Smells like Grandma scent at first but within the hour the patchouli is amazing. I can't wait to wear it again tomorrow!
By   - Administrative Assistant from Canada on 12/15/2006
Familiar mens type recalling Wall Street, Kouros (YSL) and others. You'd be hard pushed to find any patchouli in it, which probably accounts for the name. Naming perfumes after the absent ingredient may be daft, but is increasingly fashionable.
By  on 11/9/2006
Soft and exotic, or exotically soft, if you like. Spicy and warm, but softens into a gauzy veil of patchouli, amber, and something slightly floral. Wear lots of purple and change your name to something uncommon! Well worth the price!
By   - Librarian on 11/2/2006
Strange, lovely, comforting, mysterious, exotic, rare, intriguing, and beautiful. Dusk turns into night as you gaze deeply at the stars. They begin to move, and so do you.
By   - from the South on 10/28/2006
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