Imaginary Authors

Short Story Collection
8 x 2ml glass atomizers $38
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This is a phenomenal set to try out Imaginary Authors. Every single one of these I adored with The Soft Lawn the clear favorite. A City of Fire was also a person favorite as it's extremely well done. Each of these sample vials contains about a good 3-4 wearings and all are stand out fantastic on their own.
By   - Admin from Williamsburg on 7/18/2019
There is not a single scent in this collection that I dislike. All are potent, complex, intriguing, long-lasting. The only thing these fragrances are not: they are not subtle. Every single one has a distinct character. A good combination of unisex and feminine fragrances. I love them all. This is the first discovery set I can say that about. Buying 8 full bottles of fragrances is a little pricey, the discovery set is a great solution.
By   - Research from Washington DC on 12/17/2017
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