Imaginary Authors

Short Story Collection
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Amazing sample set from imaginary Authors good size 2ml samples with atomizers definitely a plus. Also purchased I.A soap which smells great. The shipping and packaging from Lucky scent is top notch with extra samples you can't go wrong! Amazing service can't wait to try more from Lucky in the future would definitely recommend to anyone looking to sample something your not sure of. ?? Amazing job lucky scent!
By   - Frag inspector from East coast on 6/23/2021
This is a phenomenal set to try out Imaginary Authors. Every single one of these I adored with The Soft Lawn the clear favorite. A City of Fire was also a person favorite as it's extremely well done. Each of these sample vials contains about a good 3-4 wearings and all are stand out fantastic on their own.
By   - Admin from Williamsburg on 7/18/2019
There is not a single scent in this collection that I dislike. All are potent, complex, intriguing, long-lasting. The only thing these fragrances are not: they are not subtle. Every single one has a distinct character. A good combination of unisex and feminine fragrances. I love them all. This is the first discovery set I can say that about. Buying 8 full bottles of fragrances is a little pricey, the discovery set is a great solution.
By   - Research from Washington DC on 12/17/2017
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