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This perfume opens with a sharp almost soury scent that is almost too metallic, like a vintage aircraft flying over the desert. After that the sharpness wears off and transitions into the classic man’s aftershave smell that hovers very close to your skin. Projection and longevity is not great. It reminds me of the movie The English Patient. I will totally see Ralph Fiennes wearing this.
By   - Student  from Lancaster on 3/4/2021
While still in the tester, you can smell the lavender, and it is bracing, but once on the skin it smells metallic a bit like tar. After a little while you get the old-time barbershop smell which is mixed with deeper tones that make it much more interesting. It is a clean scent but it is layered and complicated and could never be satisfactorily tagged as just a clean scent. I think the description by LuckyScent is a good one, I'd just add that it is a scent that is definitely masculine as it somehow reminds me of men who work in a garage or men who do physical work. It's not dainty at all.
By   - Lawyer/College Professor from Lancaster on 12/27/2019
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